How to create Instagram photo book [simple and easy] way

Simple and Easy way How to create Instagram photo book

We are so much addicted to social media so we usually upload our favorite images in social media profiles. Most people upload their photos on Instagram. But have you ever thought if your account gets hacked or if the account is disabled you will no longer able to access those favorite memories!

So it will be better to create an Instagram photo book to keep your images with you forever. even you can gift them in any celebration like anniversary, birthday etc.

To Learn Proper Way How to create an Instagram photo book?

Yeah of course here you can learn to create an Instagram photo book by the following these simple steps. There are lots of online website available which let you to create an Instagram photo book with your Instagram photos.

You can easily create a photo book with the help of Instagram photo book creator apps. And most of these apps support direct integration of Instagram photos. Even you can use your Facebook photos with Instagram filters to create an attractive photo book. If you are not familiar with apps you can also use web tools and websites where you can create an awesome photo book.

Choose the perfect size

Though photos can be in different dimensions and sizes but if you can choose the proper size images it will easy for you to create a perfect photo book. The perfect recommended size is 8×8, 10×10 and 12×12.

Select the best suitable theme

You can choose a theme to give those photos a special look. Choose from the different templates available like travel, sports, romantic, workout. Choose the template and style which perfectly go with the photo moment.

Connect your Instagram account

If you connect your Instagram account you don’t have to upload the photos manually. By some simple click you can choose your Instagram photos to create a photo book. But there is a limitation that how many images can be selected for a photo book.


You have the all credentials to edit your photos. If you want to make the photos more remarkable you can add special comments and hash tags on the photo. You can add quotes, captions. Even you can customize the font style, font size, and text color if needed.

preview and purchase

Once you found the perfect photo book for you to view it and check for the last minute’s degradation if any customization required. Once it is done now you can now purchase the photo book for you. Even you can gift it as a special presentation for your special person.

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