2 Hidden Tricks In MyJIO app | Track Calls of Any other Jio user | Free 1GB Voucher on Top-up

2 Hidden Tricks In MyJIO app | Track Calls of Any other Jio user | Free 1GB Voucher on Top-up

Today’s top trending telecom network of India is JIO. It is growing day by day and being on the profit side always. JIO have various Android apps available on Play Store like My JIO , JIO Music(JIO SAAVN) , JIO TV, JIO CINEMA etc.

The main app of all these apps is My JIO where we can check our top-up balance and daily usage of internet and also SMS. There is a trick here to get data about calls, SMS and data including the calls list and duration. Coming to the SMS , you can get the numbers to whom you sent SMSs even you delete your common log.

By using this ,you can keep an eye on some other JIO customer including his/her calls (not recording ,but call numbers and duration and also SMS).

How to Track Calls of Any other Jio user

All this happens with button which is titled as “ Link New Account “ .

So, here are the steps to do it,

Step-1): Open My JIO app. (If you don’t have it installed , download from play store).

myt jio app icon

Step-2): On the left side to your screen ,you can see “ Link new account “   option. (Below Check Usage).

link new account in my jio app

Step-3): Select “Mobile“ and enter the JIO mobile number in the bar below that you want to track data.

choose the mobile service

Step-4): Click on “Generate OTP“  at the bottom of the screen and submit the OTP received on the mobile which you are going to track.

fill the mobile number and getting mobile otp

Hint: You are taking permission to check usage through this OTP. Only you can remove in future and they can’t.

Step-5): After linking that successfully, go back and click on “ Switch Account “  on the right side.

switch one jio to another jio number here

Step-6):  Select the targeted JIO number and click on usage.

details of linked existing account details

Internet data usage balance in my jio app

Step-7):  Now, you will be able to all the data about their JIO including balance enquiries, vouchers, coupons, call/SMS numbers along with duration.

call log details local

call log details with STD numbers

You can also download, email these reports if necessary. Then, In that report, you will be getting more information about the person. Details like address, account number can be shown here.

The another trick in My JIO app is,

How to get 1GB Promo coupon for absolutely free?

Here are the steps to get it. No need of buying 11INR and 21INR boosters any more.

Just get 1GB at 10 Rupees Top -up.

  • Open my JIO or any other payment apps like Phone Pay , Google Pay.
  • Go to recharge section and enter your mobile number.
  • Then , click on View Plans and Swipe to Top-up section. Or else you can also enter the amount directly that is 10 INR.
  • After recharging successfully, you will 7 INR top-up balance and a free promo coupon for free.
  • Now, open My JIO app and go to My Vouchers at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select the 1 GB Promo and redeem that at the price of 0/-.

You will get this 1 GB promo coupons as many you top-up and this valid until your current plan expires.

If you have any queries about this or any other tech related issues, please comment below or mail me at anonymousvarma@gmail.com.

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