How To Cheat On Lockdown Browser {Working Tricks}

How To Cheat On Lockdown Browser {Working Tricks}

A lockdown browser is for the students. Since the past few years, the era of online education has been going on. And here the chances for the student to cheat all in their exam have been increased. So the lockdown browser was discovered to stop the students from cheating in their exams. Here is the guide on how to cheat on the lockdown browser. It is not impossible to bypass these browsers.

It’s not easy as well. But you have to do some technical work to do this. And if you will not remain safe in the episodes then you have to face the consequences as well. So if you are trying to do this then you have to follow the tips as they are. Otherwise, the chances of mistakes will increase. 

Features Of Lockdown Browsers

Before going into the bypassing process you should learn about the basics and the features of these browsers. By reading the feature you will be able to get some knowledge about the working of this browser. And it helps you to bypass the later steps. So make sure that you know about the lockdown browser feature.

Benefits Of Using A Lockdown Browser

  • Access Control In this, the student has limited access only. And the best thing is that they will not be able to open any new tab on a web browser.
  • Microphone Monitoring– The teacher can monitor the microphone of the students. So if the student talks some other people on the phone or in person then the teacher will be able to listen to the conversation.
  • Screen Recording With the help of this browser, the teacher can able to use a screen recorder for the whole test. And then watch it later.
  • Time & Auto Submission Here the timer will set automatically as soon as the student starts doing the test and when the time ends the exam paper will be submitted automatically. It is also a benefit because if a student starts working late on cheaper then this time will end late as well.

Benefits Of Using A Lockdown Browser

Here is a list of the benefits that you will use while getting this browser. Because this browser is for various purposes. The lockdown browser is not for the exam only. So here is how you can do this.

  • Secure Online Interviews: Lockdown browsers can be used for job and coding interviews to ensure that candidates are not accessing external resources during their virtual online interviews, thereby maintaining fairness in the hiring process.
  • Secure Data Entry & Form Submission: Businesses and organizations that require employees or users to enter sensitive content/information can use lockdown browsers to prevent data theft or tampering.
  • Preventing Online Fraud: Financial institutions and e-commerce platforms can use lockdown browsers to enhance security during online transactions, ensuring that users aren’t engaging in fraudulent activities.
  • Remote Work Monitoring: Employers can use lockdown browsers to monitor employees working remotely to ensure they are not using company time for personal tasks.
  • Protecting Intellectual Property: Companies can employ lockdown browsers during remote meetings and presentations to prevent sensitive information from being shared or recorded by unauthorized attendees.

4 Tips For How To Bypass And Cheat On Lockdown Browser

4 Tips For How To Bypass And Cheat On Lockdown Browser

Here are those tips that you can use to bypass these browsers there is not one trick to do this. But there are several ways that you can use it. So make sure that you try all the to get the best possible results in one go.

#1. Use Two Device

If you want to bypass this browser then use two devices simultaneously. This way you will be able to get your exam very easily. All you have to do is keep the two devices close to each other. And one you can use for your exam and the other can be used to see the answers.

On this other device, you can use Google, WhatsApp, and other social media sites to know the answer correctly. Be cautious in this process and do not get caught by the teacher.

#2. Use Your Phone

Another way is to use your phone. The phone is very portable and you can easily hide the phone under your keyboard. So it will become very easy to use the phone while doing your test in these browsers.

The phone will also ensure that you remain safe. Because it is very hard to catch a student using the phone. Keep the phone below the range of the cameras and you will remain safe.

#3. Use ALT + Tab Method

If you and to search for the answer on the same screen then you can use this method. All you have to do is press the ALT+tab option. You can press the right and left tabs here.

This is effective for searching while writing the question paper. But you have to hold the ALT and the tab key. As soon you leave the key the search option will disappear.

#4. Use Headphones

You can use headphones under your hair. And you can remain connected with your friends via phone calls. But you have to make the call right before the exam will start. And if you are doing multiple choice questions then you will be able to get the answers in no time.

And the teacher will not get a clue about this. You can also use some other stuff to hide the headphones. Just make sure that you stay safe in this process. This was for how to cheat on the lockdown browser.

Harmful Effects Of Bypassing The Lockdown Browser

There are some disadvantages to using this lockdown browser. If you are thinking about bypassing this then you should learn about the consequences as well. Because this will either make you drop this plan or you will do this with extra caution.

Legal Consequences

Bypassing these lockdown browsers is not legal. So if you’re doing this and the teacher catches you then there is a high chance of getting in some legal trouble. The legal case will be filed by the teacher or from the institute side.

If you’re doing this in a manner school then you can get a warning but if you try doing this in the national exam then you will face serious legal trouble.

Technical Risks

Along with these methods, there are many third-party software available in the market. This software helps you to bypass these lockdown browsers. But this software is not safe. And you can get a serious threat to your data with this software. You might think that it is easy to use this software. But in return, they will get all your personal information.

Mental & Emotional Toll

The stress and anxiety associated with cheating, as well as the constant fear of being caught, can take a significant toll on a student’s mental and emotional well-being. The pressure of maintaining the facade of academic success while bypassing lockdown browsers can lead to increased stress, guilt, and even depression.


In conclusion, Here are the tricks for how to cheat on lockdown browser. There are various ways to cheat on these browsers. Here are some ways that you can use them. All these ways include minimum risks.

And there will be no threat to your data. But if you try to use some third-party software then your data leaks. So make sure that you bypass these browsers for safety only.

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