How To Get Short-Term Disability Approved For Anxiety And Depression?

How To Get Short-Term Disability Approved For Anxiety And Depression

In this article, all you need to know about how to get short-term disability approved for anxiety and depression. Here is a short guide for you about short-term disability insurance programs. Here is how you can buy this insurance and what are the claiming process, how much you can claim for the treatment.

How to get short-term disability approved for anxiety and depression?

If you are diagnosed with mental health disorders like anxiety and depression then you become eligible to get short-term disability claims. Short-term disability insurance plans help you a lot. Because all these health conditions are impacting your ability to function. So this insurance gives you the security that even when you do not have a job you can still afford your treatment plan. Other short-term disability benefits include in the insurance plan.

Many people are not yet aware of this insurance plan. So here is the guide for you to know how to get short-term disability approved for anxiety and depression.

Why do you need a short-term disability insurance?

Depression and anxiety are the most common type of mental illnesses that are found these days. If your mental health professional has diagnosed this for you. Then you should take this insurance plan. Because the treatment cost for these two is the same as any other mental health issue. Your general health insurance plan does not cover short-term disability. Even your mental health insurance plan excludes these two. However, there are very few insurance companies that include both depression and anxiety in their insurance plans. So check your policy before buying separate insurance for short-term disability.

How to file a claim for short-term disability?

There are many things to consider before filing a claim for short-term disability and it’s not an easy process. You can not use a single paper while filing a claim. Otherwise, your claim will be denied immediately. Here is the list of documents that you should have before filing a claim for short-term disability.

  • Medical condition statement by your doctor
  • All mental health condition reports can justify the doctor’s statement.
  • Your previous medical records
  • Your mental health treatment plan should include the treatment cost.

Short-term disability claims require a lot of paperwork. You can even hire an attorney to fill the claim. Because there is a lot of paperwork and you might get confused in the process. A lawyer can help you with these issues, and that’s why most people hire one.

What disorders cover under short-term disability insurance?

Here is the list of all disorders that are covered by these insurance policies. If you have any disorder other than these then you have to buy proper mental health insurance for the treatment expenses. Because other disorders are not covered by insurance companies.

  • Eating disorders
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Social security disability
  • Panic disorder

All these including the free consultation for the patient are included in the insurance plan. If you want a free consultation from any doctor then all the expenses will be covered by the insurance policy. Even if you are buying an insurance policy make sure that you take a written statement from your doctor about your medical condition. Only then you can purchase this insurance policy.

What is the sign of short-term disability?

There are some signs of short-term disability. If you are noticing these signs in you then you should consider seeing a doctor about this. More than 40% of the population is suffering from depression and anxiety but only a few know that they are mentally ill. Some people hate to admit the fact that they are mentally ill. So here are some obvious signs of short-term disability that might be as depression or anxiety.

  • Cold sweats and hyperventilation
  • Nervousness
  • Hand tremors
  • Sleeping problem
  • Avoiding social contact
  • Avoiding eye contacts
  • Weakness
  • Fatigue
  • High heart rates

All these are the obvious signs that you need to see a doctor. Do not neglect these signs because your mental condition impacts your working ability as well as your daily and social life. So getting proper treatment is very necessary in such cases.

Cost of short-term disability insurance plan

Short-term disability insurance is just like any other insurance. The only difference is that they only cover a few mental health problems. Talking about the price of short-term disability insurance, different insurance companies offer different schemes according to coverage. The range of this insurance varies from $300 to $3000. Now the cost may vary from one insurance company to another company. If you will buy this insurance during the holiday season then you might get an extra discount. So we can not fix an exact price for the short-term disability insurance policy.

What is the role of an attorney in a short-term disability claim?

Sometimes the insurance companies reject your claim because of a small mistake. So in that situation, you will need an attorney to refill the claim. Also if you are mentally ill then there are chances that you will make some mistakes while doing the paperwork. You need to be stable to fill the claims and all. So it becomes important to hire an attorney for your case. Just make sure that your attorney has experience in short-term disability claim cases.


In conclusion, here is how you can get short-term disability insurance for anxiety and depression yourself. This article is a complete guide for this insurance policy. If you have any queries then consider talking to your attorney. He/she will help you to understand the process. Make sure that an attorney is a reliable person. Read this article to know more about short-term disability insurance. Hope you all will find this helpful.

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