To Learn About Screen Recorder For YouTube

Screen Recorder For YouTube

The Overview Of Screen Recorder For YouTube

If you are looking to create a video of what is happening on your desktop, a screen recorder is just what you need. Screen recording, like a sophisticated variant of a screenshot, allows you to generate demonstration videos, record posterity gaming accomplishments, and generate videos that you can share online on YouTube likes.

Depending on what you plan to do with the footage you are capturing, it is essential to choose the correct screen recorder. There are different types of screen recorders who have to offer distinct features. Some might save the captured clips in multiple formats. Others might help in capturing the footage or clips from external sources. Some screen recorders also have the feature of uploading videos straight from the application program to YouTube or any other website. Some operate on average hardware beautifully, while others are more challenging.

The endnote is that there are a lot of options for you to choose from. It is you who needs to know what you have to do with your computer captured footage and what is the correct tool for you to work.

Therefore, if you are confused about the Screen Recorder you should use for some personal work, business-related work and want to make sure you have a first-hand experience of this new tool. Then, here are some of the selected screen recorders that have been reviewed. On the other hand, there are already discussed here YouTube related articles like add subtitles to the YouTube video and add a link to your YouTube videos so far.

For free Screen Recorders                                                                            

If you are exhausted with your number of trials but you have not found anything worth your spent penny or if you are looking out for something that would do your work with ease and save your money. If that’s the case, there are a couple of good screen recorders that can get your job done properly, without emptying a penny from your pocket. I hope the below screen recorder tools definitely help while you upload a video on your YouTube channel so far.

1) OBS Studio:

OBS Studio, one which is a free screen recorder is the best software to record the screen. FRAPS, the most popular screen recorder allows the people to record the screen only for 30 seconds. It allows you to further record only if you purchase its permit. Even after purchasing, a watermark is applied to the footage.

In contrast to this FRAPS, OBS Studio is a software which is totally open and free. You don’t have to worry about buying permits rather, you can use it without any limitation. Free OBS Studio screen recorder supports both high-definition streaming and recording, with no limitations on the amount or duration of your creations.

There are multiple things that can be done, like, live streaming of Twitch and YouTube gaming. You can also save the projects and come back to it later. Further, you can encode or save your clips or footages in FLV format.

OBS Studio, is the best screen recorder for gaming, can record games while they are running in a full screen while other recorders can only record when the game is open in a window. OBS STUDIO also provides the feature of customized hotkeys that help in recording straight from the graphics card. For serving the best, OBS Studio has also the complete access to multi-core CPUs and record at 60FPS.

2) VSDC free video editor:

VSDC Free Video Editor is an intuitive yet strong video editing suite designed to create videos with complicated visual and audio effects and edit common format video files. This Video editor lets the users edit their videos the way they want and gives them access to it. Thus, VSDC Free editor is a non-linear video editor. This video editor is solely for the home and educational use. This video editor originates from Flash-Integro LLC.

The video editor also lets you convert audio and video files to multiple formats quickly. The users are also allowed to burn the video files to DVD by using their built-in disk burning tool. The VSDC Free Video Editor also features a wide range of video impacts as well as wealthy audio effects that can be implemented to satisfy different outcomes.

Last but not least, it helps users share their videos on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Vimeo. (If you want to share YouTube videos in private then mentioned article link will helpful for your needs.)

3) ActivePresenter:

ActivePresenter is one of the best reliable and useful screen recorder. It produces videos, documentation, records, manuals and interactive presentations of training on how to use the video editor. ActivePresenter is a video editor that has the feature of editing audios and videos. It changes the way how content will appear and sets up the scenarios fast. The content that has been produced with ActivePresenter can be transferred to all devices which supports the HTML5 web standard. It can also be integrated with Learning Management.

4) Ice Cream Screen Recorder:

Icecream Apps take you Ice-cream Screen Recorder, a user-friendly and instinctive screening tool that allows you to either record your Windows PC screen as a video or screenshot that you can later share on favorite platforms. The inception of Ice Cream Recorder done in July 2014. It got introduced with its beta version. Afterward, this recorder tool growing rapidly and adding reasonable and useful features. Over the years, it has risen to a stage where other software that provides comparable features can compete considerably. Icecream screencasting tool gets better and better, whether it’s a bug fix or feature adding.

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For some professional options, you can consider some paid:

1) Camtasia Studio 9:

That’s the best choice. Has two parts accessible on both Windows and Mac, a screen recorder option and a video editor. For all users, even those who edit the captured screen cam footage in other editors, the screen capture application is ideal. The Camtasia video editor has developed over the previous few versions into an extremely functional instrument that is well complemented by animated backgrounds, motion graphics, icons, and music that make it simple to generate engaging videos, even for projects that are not screen cam-based. First, though, believe about the $199 cost per permit. It offers you a trial of 30 days.

2) Mirrilis Action screen recorder:

This is much easier to use and more professional than OBS. The cost is the excellent-a permit of $29.95. This game recorder is the most common software on the market for gameplay recording and general screen recording. It enables recording and streaming in real-time, all in high definition. It allows users to do multiple things like elevating the frame rate of videos. The other features of this screen recorder include the inclusion of audio commentary. It also lets you access tutorials with a lot of ease.

How to record the screen while using YouTube?

  • Download a software program that would help you with screencasting.
  • In that software program that you have downloaded, hit the ‘Record’ button.
  • As a result, A video of your YouTube screen will create here.


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