How Much Weight Does A C&P Exam Have?

How Much Weight Does A C&P Exam Have

Are you want to know how much weight does a C&P exam have? Here is all the information that you can use in your c&p exam. If you have your exam soon then this will help you to know more about this exam. And for all the internal information about the exam & make sure that you give it a good read.

How much weight does a c&p exam have?

C&P exams have their meanings. It is performed by qualified c&p examiners. If veterans claim disability benefits then this examination is done by professionals. The professional go through the veteran’s case file to get more knowledge about his case. And then he evaluates his statements. And do all sorts of examinations on the veterans. Some people find this exam very uncomfortable. But this medical examination is part of the process. So everyone has to go through this exam.

Here is all the related information about a c&p exam. Here is how much weight a c&p exam has. If you are confused about this procedure, you should read it until the very end.

What is a c&pexam

This exam is performed when the veteran fills out a claim. So to cross-check the claim they have to perform the exam. To ensure that all the claims are right. So when a veterans service connection is warranted or if the claimed condition is for disability benefits purposes then the c&p exam comes. Hence it is used to justify the statements. For a c&p exam, it is advised that all the evidence should be present before the c&P examiner. All the evidence will be cross-checked by the examiner with the present condition of the veteran. So all the medical evidence helps the veteran to justify his point more clearly.

Result of a negative c&p exam

c&p examiners check the both mental health condition and the physical condition of the veteran. So they report based on the overall examination. Also, your previous medical records play a very important role here. Because in a serious mental health condition your previous records matter the most. So, if you get a negative report for your c&p then it is considered that all the claims that have been done by you are wrong. So for whatever purpose you were claiming the c&p will be rejected automatically. Also, you have to pay the extra compensation amount along with the loss of some additional benefits. So make sure that you do not fill in for any wrong benefit.

Signs of a positive c&p result

You can predict your c&p result by the statements and the physical activities of your examiner. Here are some good signs that describe you will have a positive c&p result.

1) If the examiner is showing a positive attitude toward you then it means that you are going in the right direction. The examiner will ask a specific type of question to cross-check all the evidence. So make sure that you check all the evidence at least once before going for your exam.

2) If your examiner is using the sentence “at least as likely as not” then you will have a positive c&p result. These are some words that are used by the doctor to correlate your current condition to your previous evidence. So these are used in a very positive way.

3) If your examiner is not asking many questions about your condition it means that they have already understood the situation. And they will surely give you a positive report.

So, you can look for these signs during the exam and you will be able to predict your c&p result. Try not to panic in the situation because anxiety and all can affect your result.

Uses of a c&p exam

Here is the list of reasons why a c&p exam is used. Suppose you have any of the below-mentioned situations. Then you have to go through a c&p exam.

1) To make sure that the current condition of the veteran is similar to the time of the service. Hence service connection is the main reason why the c&p exam has been done.

2) If the veteran is claiming something that gives him benefits based on his physical condition. Then, this exam is complete. Hence to justify the claimed condition it is important to check the veteran first.

3) If there is any wrong diagnosis. Then this test comes into the scene.

Remember to do the c&p you will require documents and your case file. So do not just at the doctor’s place and ask for the c&p exam.

Importance of a c&p exam

Some people do not understand the actual meaning of a c&p result. They think that with the help of the positive result they will be able to grant everything that they are claiming. But it is not true. With the positive report, you only have one more piece of evidence in your favor. The final decision is not in the hands of the examiner. The examiner will prepare a report. And that report will have all the power to determine what you will get and what you will not. Even if you have a positive still there can be some points that your examiner will consider fake or unimportant. And that can turn into a serious point in your case.

The examiner makes a report on your condition. They give statements on your every claim and your current health condition. They just help you to justify your claims. However, if you get a negative report, there will be no more chance that your case will move forward.

How to deal with a negative c&p report?

Here are some tips that you can use in your favor even if you have received a negative report. However, you can only try with these. Sometimes these work while sometimes they do not work.

1) If you are taking a private treatment then show all the notes of your treatment. If possible, bring your doctor on board.

2) You can refuse the c&p report. But then you have to hire a private doctor that is capable of giving an opinion on your condition. Usually, doctors avoid doing the paperwork and all. But you can try to find a doctor for your use.

3) Make sure that you check the examiner’s credentials. Sometimes an ortho doctor checks a mental health-related patient. At that time you can question the c&p exam. And request another exam. So make sure that you check your doctor’s credentials. All the credentials are in your case file. So you can just look into the file.


In conclusion, here is all the information that you need to know about a c&p exam. If you are having your exam soon then make sure that you read it till the end. This will give you a lot of information.

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