Things About How To Sissygasm {2024 Guide}

Things About How To Sissygasm {2024 Guide}

Sissygasm is a different type of art. And this art can bring pleasure to your sexual life. Here is the guide on how to sissygasm. Here we will discuss the basics of this process. and how you can do this process. If you’re a beginner then you might get confused in this.

So this guide will become your direction. There are various misconceptions about Sissygasm as well. And here we will clear those out as well. We will learn about the process, the preparation for the process, and how to use the available resources. 

Definition Of Sissygasm

If we call in the easy words then it is like no penis orgasms. Hence the orgasms will happen in this case but there will be no penis stimulation. You will achieve orgasm from the hands and the other techniques. And the hands can be used to stimulate various parts of the body like the penis, nipples, and clitoris. So it is a free orgasm.

And it is widely used. The best thing about the Sissygasm is that you can modify it according to your liking. So you do not have to worry about a specific technique and rules. All you have to consider is your partner’s comfort. And the rest will be managed.

Tools That Can Be Used In Sissygasm

As mentioned earlier there are no specific tools required in this process. However, you can use some tools of your liking. If you want then you can initiate these orgasms from the words as well.

This happens by doing the mental simulation. If you want to use tools in this then here is the list of some common tools that are used in the Sissygasm process.

  • Dildo
  • Vibrator
  • Fingers
  • Partners penis with no penetration

So all these things can help you in doing the sissygams. It depends from person to person how they want to use the tools. Make sure that you take your partner’s consent before starting to use any of the tools in the sissygasm process. 

Why A Person Should Consider Trying Sissygasm?

There are several benefits of Sissygasm. This is meant for everyone. But you need a reason to try out all these things. Here are those reasons that will make you use this Sissygasm in your sexual life.

  1. If you and your partner like to try new things then you should go with this.
  2. If you’re looking for ways to make the sexual satisfaction life more happening.
  3. It is the best stress reliever as well. You will archive the orgasms without even the need for penetration. 
  4. It makes sexual time more fun and happening.
  5. If you are not getting complete satisfaction from your partner. 

All these things can make you use the Sissygasm. If you’re the only one in favor of involving Sissygasm in your sexual life then you have to tell the benefits of Sissygasm to your partner. Never try these things without the consent of your partner. 

3 Different Methods Involved In Sissygasm

There are different ways that you can try Sissygasm. Here are the examples of some of those ways. If you are new in the Sissygasm world then these will help you to guide.

As a beginner, you should follow the process as it is. When you learn more about this then you can modify the process according to your liking.

#1. Use Your Finger

The fingers are the best tool that you have. You can use your finger to stimulate various body parts. You can use your finger to stimulate the clitoris in various ways. And most women have sensitive nipples. So you can use this to stimulate the nipples in various ways.

Fingering the vagina and playing with the clitoris can increase the chances of orgasms. Also if you have a female partner then you can use your finger to stimulate the tip of the penis of your partner. 

#2. Use Your Tongue

Your tongue is another tool for the Sissygasm. You can use this to stimulate the penis, nipple, and vagina itself. It’s not good if you’re the only one who likes it. So all you need to do is first tell your partner about it and ask them if they are interested or agree.

Because it cannot be said that everyone likes this pain. They have certain qualities that are unique to them. So if your partner is ready for this you can freely try your tongue with your partner.

#3. Use Other Sexual Tools

You can use tools like dildos and other stuff. You can penetrate these as well. And you can use this for the outer stimulation. So the choice is yours. However many people are not comfortable with using sexual tools. So if you’re eager to use these then try to make your partner comfortable.

And ensure that these are for pleasure purposes only and will not hurt in any way. There can be various ways to use these tools. Also, you can combine the plastic tool with your finger and tongue. You can try doing this in later stages.


In conclusion, Here is how to Sissygasm. This is the guide for how you can do a Sissygasm as a beginner. Being a beginner you think about lots of things. This guide will help you to remove all the confusion.

Make sure that you use the processes as it is for the first time. And when you master the learning of this you will be able to modify the process on your own.

You can invest in tools as well. But make sure that you get consent from your partner to use any tool on her. Explain the process and then start doing it. 

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