How To Cheat Pull Tabs {Tricks & Tips}

How To Cheat Pull Tabs {Tricks & Tips}

As a matter of fact, Pull tabs are a type of gambling machine (slot machine). You can find these at both online and offline casinos. If you are a beginner then you may find these very difficult. But here are some tips for how to cheat pull tabs. These tips will help you win all the gambling games. All the pull tabs work the same.

So it is very easy to cheat all these machines. To get the best results make sure that you follow all these tips.

Types Of Pull Tabs Game

There will be different types of pull tab games that you will encounter.  These games will allow the winner to play but they have a limited number of chances. So it makes it very hard to win the game.

In the first type, you have to match the three characters on the screen within a few chances of the game. You will pay for the steps of the machines.

Another is the spinning wheels. These wheels have prizes mentioned on different slots. So you pay to spin the wheel and whatever you got you will get.

Prizes Of Pull Tabs Game

It is not that you will always get money in the form of a prize. The prize can vary from game to game. There may be some other gaming stuff, some coupon, and money as a prize. Different bars and pubs offer different prizes in the form of game-winning. So if you want to play these games because you thought that you will get money back then it is not possible.

Because they offer prizes in a variety of different forms. So always confirm the prizes before playing these games. Because there is a high chance that the prize will be less amount than the total money that you will use to play the game.

How To Cheat Pull Tabs Game {Tips To Win}

Want to know how to win the game? Here are some tips that you can use to play with the pull tabs games. These tips will increase your chance to win the game. Because these games are very unpredictable. So you never know what will happen.

Follow these tips to get the best possible results in pull tabs.

#Tip-1: Do not play continuously. If you are thinking that if you will play continuously and you will win. Then it is not possible. Because the more you play the more your chase to lose increases. 

#Tip-2: Play for a higher payout.  If you will play for a higher payout then the chance to win will increase.

#Tip-3: Play regularly. If you want to acquire mastery of this game then you should play regularly. Like at least once a day. Then you will slowly understand the algorithm of the game. And hence the chase to win the game increase.

#Tip-4: Do not put all your money on the same type of pull tabs game. You should try different games only then the chances of winning increase.

#Tip-5: Avoid playing the game with a higher with which you are not familiar.

If you will follow all of the then you will decrease your chance to lose the games. 

Maximum Prize From Pull Tab Games

The price of the game highly depends on two factors. These factors decided the final prize of the game. The first one is the type of game that you’re playing. If the game has more difficulty level then your chance to win more money will increase.

The second factor is the amount that you are playing with. If you are playing with more amount then you will win more amount. Small amount bets tend to lose very easily. So these factors decide the final prize of a bet.


In conclusion, here is how to cheat pull tabs. All these tips will help you win the bet from the pull tab machines. This will serve as a proper guide for you to play with the pull tabs games. Hope you all will find this helpful. 

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