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Why Did My DM Conversation On Instagram Disappear?

The Instagram message disappears has some valid reasons. Find all the reasons here. All your questions have some answers.

7 Top Reasons For the Disappearance of the Direct Messages on Instagram

Has this ever happened with your Instagram account that the conversation in your direct message inbox disappears? When you reopen the app after some time all the previous conversations just disappear after leaving the chat. Many of you have to face this but have you ever tried to find the reason why did my dm conversation on Instagram disappear. We will try to answer this mysterious Instagram question today.

#1. Blocked the Person

If you have blocked a person on Instagram then all the messages of the recipient you were chatting with will disappear.  This will apply to both of you either the other person or you blocked the user. As soon as you blocked them and leave the chat the inbox will automatically delete all the conversations. This will come under the privacy policy scheme of Instagram. You can check the block list in by going into your settings. Sometimes we accidentally block a person. When you unblock the user you will again message.

#2. User Deactivated their Account

If the person that you are chatting with has deactivated their Instagram account then all his conversations will be disappeared including photos and videos too. Messages on Instagram also disappear in the user’s Instagram delete or itself delete messages. Sometimes the user does violation of the Instagram policies so Instagram itself deactivates or deletes the user’s account.

#3. Unending Messages

Sometimes when you open the image or video they will disappear after that. This is because the Instagram user from the other end has unsent the messages. In this case, only a few messages disappear. The whole chat remains the same and a few specific messages went disappeared.

#4. Check Internet Connection

Sometimes internet connection is the reason behind disappearing messages. When you get the notification on a new message but as soon as you open the inbox there is nothing to be found. All the unexplained events are connected to the slow internet. You can change your place or refresh the page or try to turn on and off the internet a few times. This all will help you get back all the Instagram dm. Slow internet connection affects most things. Instagram messages will not be sent and you will not be able to refresh the feed.

#5. Message Request Disappearing

Have your messages request disappeared? Message requests are the messages that have been sent by unfollowed users on Instagram.  All the reasons for this are the same as above.

These explain the disappearance of the message request box. Instagram disappears the chat of the blocked user and does not allow to send messages to them. The other user will not be able to do this.

#6. Vanish Mode

Instagram has given a new update that vanishes mode. When you turn on the vanish mode then all the messages will disappear automatically after sending a reply. Many people use this feature on Instagram. Only if one user does this the messages from both ends will disappear. Keeping the privacy of its users Instagram gave this update.

Your conversation will remain safe with this feature and no one can take screenshots of your conversation.

#7. Delete Chat

This is the very basic thing to delete a conversation. Deleting the conversation from your end will not affect the conversation on the other users’ Instagram. So you might have deleted the conversation accidentally. This makes the chat disappears from your phone. However, you can always restore your messages on Instagram.

This feature is available on Instagram since starting so it is not something new. The deleting features on Instagram have been upgraded to secure the conversations between users. Instagram is a more safe platform than any other platform like Facebook or Whatsapp.


In conclusion, Instagram has many features regarding the user’s privacy. However, sometimes your important conversation disappears. Whenever you see this just try to find the reason for this. The reason could be a mistake too. All the above-mentioned reasons will helpful for you to find the reason behind your Instagram message’s disappearance. find all the possible reasons here. no other reason can explain the message’s disappearance on Instagram.

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