How to Sort Alphabetically In Google Docs Android/iOS/Windows

How to Sort Alphabetically In Google Docs Android/iOS/Windows

In Google docs, most of the time everything in a zigzag way without any order. It will depend on the one who enters data in Google docs. It will be difficult if you want to search for some specific dialogue or data. Sometimes, we can’t even perform search /find in Google docs. So, to solve this here is a solution to put a full stop.

How To Sort Alphabetically In Google Docs Windows/iOS/Android

I will show some steps to do it

By Adding “Sorted Paragraphs” Chrome Add-on

Step-1): Firstly, you can open Google Chrome from your PC.

Step-2): Then, Go to extensions on the top left( Beside the tabs option).

Step-3): Now, Search for Add- ons on the top right and then select Get Add Ons.

Step-4): Then, you can search for Sorted Paragraphs and click on +Free to add that to your PC.(Blue color).

Step-5): Sign in to your Google account on chrome and select the document which you want to sort ( If the document is in storage, just upload it to Google Drive and open it on chrome).

Step-6): You have to allow the permission of your Google account that to attach that add on.

Step-7): Now, after opening the document, select the paragraph which you want to sort.

Step-8): Then, Go to Add- Ons and select Sorted Paragraphs and then choose the way you want like A-Z or Z-A.

In iOS

By Inserting column.


Step-1): Firstly, Open the google docs on your iOS device and open the table which you want to sort.

Step-2): Now, click on the specific box or any letter and again click on the box to open the options menu.

Steps-3): Then, you will get two options Insert Columns and Sort A-Z. Select the second one that is Sort A-Z.

Step-4): You can click on the right arrow to get more options like Sort Z-A etc.

That’s it. You can sort all the data in columns and rows from there.

How to Sort in Google Docs Android.

Before following the below steps, Download Google Docs from Play Store or Click Here to redirect to the same.

Step-1): In like manner, you can open the Google Sheets and sign in to your Google account.

Step-2): Make sure that the file/ sheet that you want to sort is in the same account. Open that sheet.

Step 3): Then you can click on the top column indicator (letter) i.e if the columns are A, B, C, then choose any one of them whichever you want.

Step-4): It will select the whole column in the sheet. Then, click on the three dots on the right top.

Step-5): Now, choose the option Create a Filter and click on three lines on the right bottom to get the sorting options.

Step-6): Then you can choose A-Z to sort Alphabetically and vice versa from the available sorting.

Step-7): You can do many other things here with other options. Changing fonts for specific/ selected text can be done.

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