How To Move Text Boxes In Google Docs | Google Sites & Google Slides

How To Moves Text Boxes In Google Docs | Google Sites & Google Slides

Sometimes, it’s difficult to move large text to required places. So, we have to try moving the text boxes.

So, here are the steps to moves the text boxes.

^ How to move text boxes in your Google Sites

1) : Open your site in Google Sites.

2) : Click on the “Insert“ tab which at the right side.

3) : Navigate to the “Collapsible Text“ and choose the Text Boxes option. That will add the body and heading.

Step 4) : Finally, click on “Publish“ which is at the top right side of the screen.

^ How to moves text boxes in your Google Sheets

1) : First, open your project in Google Slides.

2) : Then you can Go to the slide, where you want to add or move the text box.

3) : If you want to add, click on text box and pull it on to the slide.

4) : If you want to move the text box, then select it and wait until the cursor converts into a four side arrow and pull the arrow with LMB (Left Mouse Button) to the new place wherever you want.

 You can also find various options in the tool bar to modify or edit your slides.

^ How to wrap text in Google Docs

Step 1) : Open your Google Documents and select the document in which you want to make changes.

Step 2) : Hold and drag the LMB (Left Mouse Button) on the text which you want to move and click on RMB. Or  You can press CTRL + C to copy the text and CTRL + V to paste that text.

Step 3) :  You will be able paste the same text which is copied or cut once. This helps when you have to write the same intro or any other.

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