Some Essentials about Mail Merge In Google Docs

Some Essentials about Mail Merge In Google Docs

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Overview of Mail Merge 

Of course before we learn the techniques of mail merge in Google docs we need to understand what is mail merge and how it minimizes the work with precision. For addressing mass on a personalized note with little effort is the greatest benefit of the mail merge function. Moreover just make a master document or a template with a fixed draft and to get the variables data changed with the help of this function.

Suppose you want to send a mail to your customers with their specific names and address. Then create a letter and attach this data with a spreadsheet with specific customers’ names, addresses, and phone numbers.

In one word it merges data with documents. Additionally letters, invoices, reports and a lot more can be generated out of it. Remember, not just letters or mails it merges documents as well. The smart sheet is a better way to manifest the mail merge functions.

API & Add-ons for Google sheet

Its origin can be traced back as long as the spreadsheet, Google drive and word processor exist. The Google sheet, Google drive, and project credentials on the spreadsheet are the required attachments that must be API enabled.

This can make your whole document working. By including some add-ons you may enhance the vitality of the merged data. You can find the option once you open the merging option.

Merge Data of Google Spreadsheet with Google Docs

Let’s learn step wise how to merge data of Google spreadsheets and Google docs in creating a mail merge.

  • Folder Creation – First up all you need to make a folder inside Google Drive to save spreadsheets or datasheets, templates & documents that are merged.
  • Google Sheet with data – Identically the most important step to execute this job is creating a Google spreadsheet with data that must have at least two rows and columns of information.
  • Template – Now you need to create a template on Google docs which can be an email message or letter or invoice or any document where you want to put customized variable data. Also, many ready templates are available online from where you can copy.
  • Add-on for merging – Now you have to use an add-on to merge the message body on the template of Google docs and the data on the spreadsheet.

How to draft the template for relating with sheets data

Merge tag which is denoted as sign <> is the most important thing to relate with sheets data on the spreadsheet. This syntax sign needs to be implemented wherever you want to customize data. Match the content in this tag with the heading of the column.

This may speed up the add-on configuration. Matching the heading contents on the spreadsheet and the content inside tag you can compile all customized information. With this tag sign, the add-on compiles in forming the following data specific customization:-

  • Using this tag you can customize the subject line of the email respective to the sender’s data or email template content.
  • Then the senders to be marked on CC BCC can be changed.
  • Get personalized email addresses saved in the Google spreadsheet to send to a set of the different recipient.
  • Moreover you can save all this information in Google drive to access those from any place and any time.

Some of the best add-on for mail merge is stated here

Some of the mail merges add-ons that are highly used and acknowledge supports the user to merge the data faster and precisely. Hence it is highly beneficial. G Suite doesn’t possess any mail merging functionality of its own. You may use Smart sheet functionalities.

Followings are some best add-ons:-

  • AutoCrat – Of course, it is widely used and easy to operate by step by step user-friendly instructions.
  • G Merge
  • Form Mule – It acts as a triggered merge.
  • Yet Another Mail Merge – It has free, paid and pro-version. And very easy to use.
  • Mail Merge with attachment – It is highly functional and works effectively by merging all respective fields of data of a merged document to apply.
  • Mail Merge Google Docs Add-on – It can form unique emails for the mail campaign in forming detailed data.

Add these Google functionalities empower yourself and workforce with bulk work in minimal time but with precedent data. Check our next article to get more such updates and smart work functionalities.

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