How to connect brother printer to wifi

How to connect brother printer to wifi

Brother is a straightforward and supportive brand for the consumer. It is very reliable in its quality. Because It is made in Japan. If you have brought this fantastic printer. And wants to learn how you can start printing amazing copies through wireless. Then stick through this article, and I’ll share with you, And straightforward guide on how to connect brother printer to wifi.

Analyze your wireless device beforehand

Okay, Before we start this article. We need to do some parts other than the installation of the printer. Because It’s essential if we want the printer and the wireless device to work smoothly.

Step 1: First of all, you can find the wireless network settings.

Before we do anything we must find the access point and wireless network settings of our router. Once, You are able to find it. Write the details about your current wireless network settings. If you are unable to do so, Don’t worry I have discussed this later in-dept. So you can relax about this process.

What you need to find

The Name of Wireless Network (If you have not to change the default name: It may look like something Netgear and It’s model number)

Your Wifi Password: Either you can use your encryption key, Or use the password you have set during the time of Wi-Fi installation.

How to find the wifi name and password

If you have not setup your wifi on your own. And want to know the details about the following. Then use this simple instruction.

1) Look on the router Itself for the SSID name, In most cases, you find it there. Alternatively, you can visit your mobile phone or any device that is connected to wifi, And look for the name there.

2) For wifi password, You can either check from your PC or grab the WPS pin from the router and enter It in WPS to Password converter in mobile phone. (You can skip this step if you already know your wifi name and password)

In case, If you find a little difficulty finding the above information. You can just contact your Internet Service Provider, And also ask for any help.

Let’s connect brother printer to wifi

Once, you have finally located the wireless network setting of your device. Now you are set for further instructions. You can install a brother printer very easily through the wifi network. If you have successfully done the above step.

1) First unbox your printer, And get everything in place. You need to declutter all the accessories from the main printer.

2) Find the power cord from the printer box, And connect It into the printer itself.

3) Now connect the brother printer with an electric socket, And turn the device on.

4) Once the printer is on, You need to click on the Menu button of the printer.

5) After you have successfully set up the initial part, Use the arrow up and down key for navigating through different wireless networks and click OK.

6) In the Network, Use arrow up and down to navigate through WLAN and click OK. (Please make sure that this method doesn’t applicable for all the printers)

7) After the WLAN, You need to gain use arrow key up and down to set up your Wizard and click OK.

8) Once you do the following, You’ll see that WLAN Enable has appeared, You need to select the yes option, In order to enable the wireless network. Doing so will start the search for nearby wireless networks.

9) After you have done the above, The printer will look for all the wireless network inside its reach. You need to look for the wifi name of yours. After you have acknowledged your SSID name, Navigate through it with arrow up and down and click OK.

10) If your wifi doesn’t have an encryption key then Click Ok, But If your wifi has a password, Then you need to enter the encryption key, In order to connect the brother printer with your wireless network.

11) After you have entered the details for the wireless network, The printer will communicate with your device and authenticate it. If it’s correct then you’ll receive a message of connection on your printer screen. In case, It fails you’ll receive an error message with an error code. You can further know about the error and Its solution through the help of the error code.

12) We have successfully connected our printer with wifi, The next step is to install the brother printer software on your local machine.

How to Download and Install Brother Printer Machine Software

In order, To communicate through your PC and printer, We need to install software, Called Drivers. It is nothing but a set of instructions that guides hardware to perform differently on different machines. This step only makes using hardware on any machine in the world possible. If you do not install the drivers, Then It can’t communicate with your printer. Because In order to send Image to print, We need to send virtual data, That is stored in computer language. If you want to learn more about It, You can make use of the printer manual.

Installing Drivers for Windows Users:

1) Visit the download page of the brother printer, Or click on this link. You need an active internet connection in order to send files through the printer.

2) Choose the version of windows that you want to install for, Don’t download the wrong version, Because that might not function properly with your machine.

3) Change the language If you like from the above scroll bar (Optional)

4) Choose the Full Driver & Software Package, And click OK.

5) Read the End-user agreement and click Download.

6) Double click on the software and install it on your device, Now you are good to go with your printing.

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