How to connect wifi without password

How to connect wifi without password

Wifi is a wireless network that lets you connect to the internet. Which is very convenient. But in the rare occurrence, We also see the cons of the wireless networks. In cable, you just have to plug the wire and start using the internet. But In WiFi, we are required to enter the password, And In case we forget it, It’s a big headache to reconnect. If you are facing a similar issue and have forgotten your wifi password, And want to learn how to connect wifi without a password. Then this article will help you greatly.

Before I start this article, I want to clear a few points. According to cyber law, It’s illegal to break into someone’s network. Hacking of any kind is similar to trespassing on private property. And if the owner/business would take action against the hacker. Then you even might have to face legal consequences. I’m obligated to tell you this information, As I’m only writing this article from the standpoint of education. Any action that you may take does not liable to this blog in any way. But if the network is owned by you. Or someone you know then there is no need to worry.

In this tutorial, we are going to use WPS for connecting back to our network connection.

WPS stands for Wi-FI Protected Setup. It is a simple solution for non-techy people to reconnect to their internet. Without using the command line or network breaking devices. The main reason for this technology was that It allows Home/Business connection to use the network collectively. The key reason for its success was that you can connect to Wifi without adding long password phrases, And just connect with a simple click. But this solution required you to be near wifi, Depending on the longevity of your wifi. And also you need physical access to the router, To enable this technology. Most wifi from Netgear to TPLinks all have this in-build.

Instruction for how to connect Wifi without password

Okay, Now that we know what is WPS, And how it works. I’ll demonstrate to you a simple instruction on how to connect wifi without a password.

How to Connect to WPS

1) Enable WPS on Receiving End

Before we connect to our wifi, We need to decide on which device we want to connect. Whether it’s a television, Android phone, Computer. On whatever device you are using the process is quite similar.

i) First, Visit your wifi setting.

ii) Click on push WPS/WPS Pin (Whatever your device supports)

iii) If you can’t find WPS push-button on wifi setting, look for it in networks.

2) Push Router WPS Button

Now that our device is searching for a new connection near us. We need to enable the WPS of our router. So that we could easily connect from that device. You can find the WPS push button on the back of the router, But for some new models, they are also in front of the router. Click on that button.

3) Automatic Connect

After you have enabled the WPS button from your router, And also from your android phone for WPS devices near you. Now, Within 15 sec you’ll see that your device is automatically connected to the WIFI. In case, If it doesn’t make sure your phone or any device is near wifi (No more than 3 meters).

4) WPS Pin Entry

If your Wifi doesn’t have WPS automatic connect feature. Then you need to do this step manually. First, find out the WPS connect pin for your router device. You can find it behind the router or sometimes on the side. Once you get the 8 number WPS pin, Enter the following into your wifi network. You’ll get an option called enter WPS pin, Just above or near WPS connect.

5) What Next…

Once you connected to your device you can enjoy your internet. But the next logical step would be to change your password. You can easily do so by visiting your local wifi network website. By entering the IP address, Or you can type (Netgear router only).

What to do if your WIFI doesn’t support WPS.

Wifi that doesn’t support WPS are less but they do exist. And if you have one an stuck with this problem. After all the only solution would be to reset your wifi, That means you need to set up your information again your password even your local internet connection. To reset, just press the reset button on the back of your router.

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