2 Easiest Ways to Wrap Text in Excel | Not Working Fixed | Excel Shortcut

2 Easiest Ways to Wrap Text in Excel | Not Working Fixed | Excel Shortcut

In this tutorial , I am going to show you how to wrap text in excel sheets.

Sometimes , it’s perplexing to understand the text in the cells of an Excel sheet. So, we need to wrap that text to make it easier to understand.

Here are the some of the easy steps to make wrap text in Excel.

^ To Learn How to wrap text in your Excel.

1) : First of all, In excel sheet you can choose as well as to select the cells or rows that you want to format.

2) : Then Navigate to the alignment options and select the “Wrap Text “ . Hereafter you have to change the width of the rows or columns in excel. Then, the text will get wrapped automatically in the cells.

3) : You can also change the row height to adjust the text.

4) : Go to home and select the “ Format “ option in the cell section.

5) : Now, click on “ Auto Fit Row Height ” to make the text wrapping automatic. And if you want to do it manually , select “ Row Height “ and enter a value for row height whichever you want.

That’s it, The text will be wrapped in your excel.

^ Method 2: Alternative way to Wrap the Text in Excel  

This second method is willing to be worked in even older versions of Excel which don’t even possess excel ribbons.

Step 1) : Firstly you can Go to the “ Dialogue Arrow box “ at the bottom right side of the “ Number “ tab.

Step 2) : Then Select the cells and tick the “ Wrap Text “  box and click on “ OK “ .

Or else you can also use the shortcut CTRL + 1 to take the action immediately.

Have a look at our latest tech tutorial below.

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