How to Wrap Text in Google Sheets_Sites

How to Wrap Text in Google Sheets/Sites | PC and Android | Fix Not Working

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In this tutorial, I am going to show you the simple ways to wrap the text in Google spreadsheets. But, sometimes Google automatically wraps the text. But, not all the time.

I will also show you the process of wrapping text in excel and word.

So, firstly let’s go with Google Sheets.

* Here are the steps to Wrap the Text

In Google Sheets, wrapping the text in the sheet makes the text read simply. We can read it simply after wrapping.

First, I will show you the simplest method.

Here are the steps ,

Step 1) : Select the text which is to be wrapped. Or also you can directly choose the cells to wrap them.

Step 2) : On the top, you can see “Format “  option . Select that.

Step 3) : Choose the “Text Wrapping “  then you will get right-side dropped options . Select the “Wrap “ .

Check it once , that right tick mark is on Wrap option.

^ To Learn How to wrap text in Google Sheets

Step 1) : Firstly, add the image in between text and try resizing that image.

Step 2) : On resizing and changing the position of the image, the text gets adjusted and wrapped.

Method 2:-

This is an another method for doing the same process as above. But ,this is by using icon.

Step 1) : Sign in to your Google Drive and open the Google Sheets.

Step 2) : Here also same, choose the rows or columns which are filled with text. Next, you can select those which you want to wrap in google sheets.

Step 3) : Search for the icon which looks like the below image. It will be located in the option banner at the top of the sheets.

wrap the text icon

Click on it and select the way you want to wrap the text. Then, the text in the selected rows and columns will get wrapped.

^ To Learn How to wrap the text in Google Sheets for your Android App

1) : Open the Sheets App which is with green icon.

2) : Then choose the sheets which you want to modify or change.

3) : Next, you can select the row or column in which you want to wrap the text.

4) : Select the “ A= “ icon which is at the top toolbar. Of course, It’s the formatting icon. That gives another set of options at the bottom.

5) :  Tap on the “Cell “ section on the right side.

6) : Then you can switch On the “Wrap Text “ option here. Turn that switch in to the blue color.

^ To Learn How to wrap the text in your Google Sites 

Step 1) : First of all, open your PC and open a website. Better open a classic site.

Step 2) : Select a page which is with text that is to be edited.

Step 3) : You can see the “Edit Page “ option. Click on it.

Step 4) : Mark the text at where you want to insert any media or any links.

Step 5) : At the top of the screen, you can see the “Format “ .

That’s it , the marked text will be formatted into different types now.

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