How to Fix Google Drive Download Quota Exceeded Error

How to Fix Google Drive Download Quota Exceeded Error

Nowadays the cloud services that can used mostly for storing information. As a matter of fact, cloud that supported not only for storing data. Moreover, it also sharing the data through cloud media is very effective and used worldwide. Google Drive is one such cloud storage platform. In fact, it offers space for a huge amount of data.

Google Drive Functions: Upload Files and Sharing Files

This virtual storage space originally designed and developed by Google. This platform launched in the year of 2012. Google Drive offers the facility to upload files with huge data on their server. At any time the user can access his or her data as per the need. Therefore the space consumed in your hardware device by such data would be free. if you are using this virtual storage space as a data storehouse.

In addition to uploading the photos, documents, software files in Google drive account one can also share all these files with friends, family or clients. This is another important feature of Google drive. After uploading the important files on their server the user can share links for sharing files with his or her contacts. If that link is clicked it will directly present you the file for which that link is being created.

Privacy Policy and Security: Drive Download Limit Quota

As this platform provides the facility to store enormous personal data by uploading them on the server. it has some privacy policies and security systems. Even if the user wants to share the uploaded files with so many people at a time the Google drive imposes a limitation on that. There is the drive download limit quota. This says that this platform accepts only limited access to data.

After the user shares a link with so many contacts and a shared file is getting downloaded by so many people at a time this platform marks that file as a famous one and puts a certain limitation on downloading that files. For instance, if Google drive sets a limit that only 100 people can download the file. There will be limit quota exceeded error if more than 100 people are downloading the same file. This means whenever it exceeds the limit people won’t be able to download that file. Though this limit would get renewed in 24 hours.

How to fix this “Google Drive Download Quota Exceeded” Problem

This limitation set by Google drive creates an issue for the people who needs to share a file with the number of people that is more than the download quota set by Google. But there is some way to fix Google drive download quota exceeded issue. Whenever you are trying to download any file from Google drive and it is showing that the download limit for that file has been exceeded. so you cannot download that file then, simply follow these steps.

Step 1: First up all you need to edit the URL by replacing the “uc” with “open”

Step 2- Then refresh the page. Click on that icon for “add to drive”.

Step 3- After that navigate that particular file after opening the Google drive account. Right-click on the file and click on the option “make a copy” from the drop-down list.

Step 4- After creating this copy of that file then right-click on that copied file and click on the “download” option from the drop-down list.

Step 5- After pressing the download option there will be another popup screen showing “can’t scan for viruses”. Here you need to choose the option “download anyway”.

Step 6- Then Download manager will show the option for downloading that particular file. Just choose the option for “start download”.

While following these steps you have to be signed in your Gmail account. In other words, you have to be signed in Google drive. Then only in your Google Drive, you can copy any file which belongs to someone else’s Google drive.


These are the very few simple steps to work out the issue relating to the limitation that Google drive imposes on the download of any file. Hope this solution would be helpful in your case.

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