Why you need to password protect Google drive folder?

Why you need to password protect Google drive folder

If you are a tech-savvy, surely you have downloaded software from Google drive shared by any website or You Tuber’s Google drive link. Is not it ?? You are looking for a solution on how to password protect your Google drive folder that means you feel it is necessary for you. Of course, we all know that Google offers some services like Gmail, Google Photos, Spreadsheet & many more. Google Drive is one of them. Additionally, we get 100Gb of free space to store your files. Though you can increase the storage capacity in that case you have to purchase their paid tools.

On the other hand, by using Google Drive you can easily store and share your files with your friends privately or publicly. And sometimes Google drive can be used for storing the backup.  Moreover, It is good and safe for us if we protect our Google drive folder using a password.

In this article, we are going to discuss :

  • Why you must protect your Google drive folders!
  • How you can password protect your Google drive files!
  • What are the benefits if you protect your Google drive using password. 
  • Software that can be used to protect Google drive.

By following these simple procedure you can easily protect your files and folders . And it will keep your files safe from hackers’ eyes.

Why you need to password protect your Google drive folder?

As I said before that Google drive can be used for file share and also backup. And we all use it for a regular basis some time to store our personal Ids like Photocopy of our Driving license, Voter id, Passport, etc.

Suppose you took a full backup of your computer. You will find so many folders like images, music, video. Now you want to share a particular video from your video folder and want to keep other files hide from your friends. In this case, you can password protect your Google drive folder. Protected files and folders will not be accessible without the password.

Key benefits :

  • You can choose which file will be visible and which are not.
  • Your data remain safe as you can protect your files and data.
  • You can restrict the data from misuse.
  • If you lose your phone, one can not access your files from Google drive if it is password protected.

How to protect your Google drive folder?

You can protect your Google drive folder using several ways –

 Google Drive Settings

Your Google drive files and folders remain protected until you change your settings from private to public. And if you restrict your settings non-shareable so that you shareable files and folder can not be shareable by your friends or with whom you shared.

  •  At first, open your google drive
  •  Then open the folder you want to share
  • Next click share
  • You can provide the email address with whom you want to share
  • To restrict the file from the person click on the advance.

To protect the files and folders checked the owner settings as your requirement. it will prevent changing access and also from sharing with new people. you can also disable the download, print, and copy of the file.

Lock it Up

Lock it up is a free google chrome extension that  password-protect files or folders. You can password protect your google drive files and folder by using  Lock it up google chrome extension.

  • First of all, simply select your file/folder you want to password-protect.
  • Next, drag and drop into the google chrome side panels.

drag and drop files and folders in side panels

  • Hereafter a pop up will be shown to you. Then open it and enter a password as you want.
  • An AES 256 bit encrypted file will be downloaded
  • Share it with your friend.
  • On the other hand, drag and drop the password-protected file into the side panel.
  • Moreover, enter the password which is used to protect the files
  • decrypted file will be auto-downloaded.

Cloud Secure Software

Cloud secure  is software that helps you to protect your cloud accounts with just a few steps.

  • Simply install it on your device.
  • Set a master password you want to keep.
  • After that Login with your account to turn on or off the protection.
  • If the protection is activated it will show a green color. While in case of insecure protection it will show “Dropbox is unlocked
  • to lock all cloud account simply tap on “lock all” button

How to Password protect google drive folder

how to password protect google drive folder

  • Firstly go to the google Forum and create a new forum.
  • Then give a name And description (optional).
  • on the bottom right corner select required.
  • click on 3 dot and select response validation.
  • Then you can select the validation process between Number, text, Length and regular expression choose any one of them ( Let choose Text ).
  • And then choose between Contains, Does not contains, Email address, URL (Let choose contains )
  • Next write down the password in the text field.
  • Write a custom error message which will show in case of an incorrect or unmatched password.
  • create a new section from the right sidebar
  • from the drop-down select continue to the next section
  • provide the name of the file which you want to protect
  • After that go to your google drive
    • open the folder you want to share
    • Click share
    • Then click on the advance
    • change the access from private (only you can access) to anyone Southwest with ISD with the link.
    • copy the link from link to share
    • Done
  • now come back to your google form
  • on the description paste the link
  • After that click send
  • Click on link
  • copy the link
  • Done

whoever will get this link and if they want to access those files or folder it will ask for the password which you used to protect. Otherwise, they can not access the file and folders.


In 2020 we all know the value of privacy and security. It took just few seconds to hack. Why we should not provide more security to our valuable files to keep it safe? If providing a password we can protect google drive folder why will we not use these facilities for free. In conclusion, if you do not want to lose your valuable data and don’t want them to leak always password protect google drive folder by following above all steps.

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