How to Send Blank Message in WhatsApp

How to Send Blank Message in Whatsapp

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Are you planning to prank on your friend by sending a blank message? Do you want to express your silence in front of your loved one via WhatsApp message?

Then here the question comes how to send a blank message in WhatsApp? It’s obvious not to have an idea about that because there is no such requirement to send a blank message to anyone. If you want to do that for fun there are some hacks to send a blank message. We will show you how you can surprise your friend by sending a blank message.

Applications like Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp generally does not allow you to send a black message. Though there were some hacks by using which you can send a blank message. With the updates, Facebook had covered the flaws by which you can send an empty message.

How to generate a blank message in WhatsApp?

By default, you cannot type or send a blank message in WhatsApp but we have found some alternative ways to do the same. Follow the simple hacks we have listed below.

#Hack 1: Copy the blank Text from here.

There are some more complicated ways to generate an empty message but that can be hectic for you. for making the whole process easier for you we have provided a blank text under the “Quote”. Just copy the blank text given below and paste it in WhatsApp messages. Now once you send it a blank message will be forwarded to the receiver. Paste the blank text several times or give some space between two blank texts to ma it lengthy.

Copy the blank message from here-    “ㅤㅤ” ( copy the blank text only avoid the quotations).

#Hack 2: copy blank text from internet browser

  • There are few blank texts available over the internet. Search for them and copy the text from there and paste it on the message bar to send.
  • Search for any keyword with more than one word. Now copy the space from the search result by selecting the space only. Paste the copied space to send a blank message.

#Hack 3: Use dedicated applications

In this era of advanced technology, we have a lot of free applications over the app stores to generate blank text. There are several applications for every platform (Android / iOS) that can generate a blank message of any length.

1) Firstly, Download any application among them because most of them offer the same job. Recommended applications- Blank message, Empty text, Empty, Blank Empty Message Generator, etc.

Blank text for WhatsApp applications

2) Then open the application and enter the number of empty characters or rows you want. ( for example, we consider ‘Empty text’)

Empty text application

3) Now click to generate and wait for the processing time.

Generate blank messages

4) From the send arrow, you will get three options. One to send the message to an unsaved contact, the second one to copy the blank message to paste anywhere you want, and lastly send a button for sending it via any application.

Copy the empty text  Sharing WhatsApp and other social media for empty texts


Now you know how to send a blank message in WhatsApp. You can surprise your friends by sending a blank message. Now go for it.

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