7 Best Chrome Flags/Settings on Android | Google Chrome

7 Best Chrome Flags/Settings on Android | Google Chrome

In this tutorial, I am going to explain to you the best comfortable settings in Google Chrome which really helps you to scroll it more easily than before.

So, here we go.

1) Change the position of “Home“ and “Tabs“ option to the bottom

This makes you operate the chrome simple, especially where you are scrolling with one hand. Enable this and have a try.

Step 1): Firstly, you can open Google Chrome and enter “chrome://flags“ on the URL box on the top.

chrome flag

Step 2):  You can see another search box ( Search Flags) on the page. Search for “Home“.

Step 3):  Select the first setting “Chrome Duet“ and change if from Default to Enable.

Step 4): Then Re-Launch the Chrome to get setting/ new changes to apply.

chrome flag options

2) Shortcut for History and most recent tabs

This creates a shortcut for your last used tabs and full history just by long-pressing the back button. You can simply check and switch tabs easily when needed.

Step 1): When you are on the home of the chrome just long-press the back button.

Step 2): Then, you will get an option pop-up “Show Full History“. Click on it.

 3) Enable Dark Mode

This enables the dark mode elsewhere all over the chrome. It really gives you cool black looks and also it won’t hurt your eyes anymore.

Step 1): Open Google Chrome and enter “chrome://flags“ on the URL box on the top.

Step 2): Search for “Dark Mode“ on the search box (Search Flags).

Step 3): Select the first option Force Dark Mode for Web Contents“ and change that setting to “Enabled“. ( There will more other options other than enabled which are specific. You can try them even if you want that dark mode specifically at some extent).

Step 4): Don’t forget to relaunch the chrome after changing that. (You will get a pop-up         option to re-launch at the bottom).

4) Chrome Sharing Hub

If you are about to copy text from any websites or anything, this option is really helpful for you. You can simply share text, images, etc. Also, you can screenshot at a glance. Sharing with the PC is also very simple with this.

Step 1):  Open chrome://flags and in the search box, search for the flag titled “Chrome Sharing Hub“.

Step 2): Select that and enable the setting to create a shortcut for sharing everything from chrome directly.

Step 3): After enabling, restart the chrome to get started with Chrome Sharing Hub.

5) Copying Image

If you enable Image Copying, then, you can copy-paste the images all over the chrome just like how you do the text copy-pasting. In this process, the image quality may vary and high-quality images take few seconds to get pasted.

Step 1): Open the flags and search for “Copy Image“.

Step 2): Select the first highlighted setting titled the same and select the “Enabled“.

Hint: Some of the versions of chrome doesn’t support this setting. So, try the revamped image, Google Lens Powered image instead of that.

6) Parallel Downloading

Enable this if you are downloading many files, songs, media files, etc. This makes chrome to download multiple files at a time. So, if you have a great internet connection, that makes download less in time.

Step 1):  Open the Chrome flags.

Step 2): Search for “Parallel Downloading“  in the search flags box.

Step 3): Change the settings from Default to “Enabled“ and then restart the chrome to make new settings apply.

7) Password Leak Detection

This detects the leak of your passwords and lets you know when the passwords are leaked. For example, if you logged on to a phishing site or any other hazardous sites, this warns you.

Step 1): Open the chrome flags and search for “Password Leak Detection“.

Step 2): Select the first setting and change it from Default to “Enabled“.

Step 3): Re-Launch the chrome and that’s it, this is a great option to protect your passwords and this makes you alert.

That’s all. I will be making another article on PC tricks too. There are many interesting settings on PC when compared to mobile. You can check them on mobile by going to chrome://flags – Unavailable which is the right side. Go and have a look.

Thank You.

Stay tuned.

If you have any queries please mail me at anonymousvarma@gmail.com

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