Philips Bluetooth Home Theatre | MMS4545B Pros and Cons

Philips Bluetooth Home Theatre | MMS4545B Pros and Cons

There are various Bluetooth home theatre is available in online. One of the best and well-rating product is Philips MMS4545. It’s the best at the price.

Philips MMS4545B/94 36 W Bluetooth Home Theatre


UNIQUENESS & FACTS: Philips Bluetooth Home Theater

Philips Bluetooth home theater

  • 36 Watt power output enhances the bass quality for the speakers. This impressive feature grabs our attention making the product unique.
  • The high gloss finishing and glass give a decent look to the product with a wireless range of 10 meters.
  • That gives us the real comfort and prevents music interruptions.
  • The volume won’t be changed by default even after restart or power cut.

HIGHLIGHTS : Philips Bluetooth Home Theater.

  • AC Adapter as the source of Power
  • TF/ SD Card slot
  • 10 meters range of wireless connections and streaming via Bluetooth.
  • 36W RMS with quite a rich bass
  • Impressive and decent
  • FM Radio tuner

Philips MMS4545B weights barely 1.8kgs which is better weight to handle. The surrounding sound effects will make the gaming and movie experience more realistic and enthusiastic. The 18W subwoofer gives you the rich bass. Also, USB and SD slots can be used to have a look at photos and playback music.


Rich bass with obvious clarity of the music will definitely blow your mind up. We can also adjust the bass level simply. The woofers are long-lasting and the anti dust technology will never let the air dust let in.

The two speakers are portable so that you place them anywhere with ease. You can operate it with a remote which is quite accurate responding and soft keys to handle.

With the in-built FM Radio Feature, we can simply tune into any local radio network available to listen to music, news, etc.

We can also connect to a 3.5 mm audio jack. It’s not necessary to connect the jack for tuning. If the radio network is low in your area, Here is an option to connect the antenna to listen to the radio frequencies which are far. Antenna makes the quality clear and increases the range.

Bluetooth connectivity can connect with in seconds and really quickly to paired devices. There is no breakage/disturbance or delay in music when connected to Bluetooth. Bluetooth connectivity can range up to 30 Ft or 10 meters.

The frequency response for the speakers is 35Hz to 200Hz along with 4 Ohm impedance. This response is adjusted in the form of volume with 1-100%.

The volume is loud with great surrounding quality proving the brand Philips. Treble is also really impressed with this product.

Philips Bluetooth Home Theater MMS4545B is an excellent choice for gaming, movies, and music it involves us into them. No heating or any related issues. You can feel all the dimension effects of music. Easily adjustable volume and bass make you more comfortable.


Mostly, return policies are disappointing on many online platforms.

Chance Probability of receiving a defective product. The buttons with home theatre are poor and weak. The USB and SD card slots are the on top which must be covered or else, dust and other tiny stuff get in and ruins.

The parts are not robust to bear a fall. Speakers may not produce the same quality sound after years. Not much effective when assembled in large rooms.

For warranty details, Contact Philips Toll-Free Number: 18004256396.



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