4 ways to get Free Elite Pass Garena Free Fire 2021

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Garena Free fire, the top #1 grossing game on Google Play Store.

It is basically a shooting game with pretty good graphics and controls which is really good even with low end and mid end devices. It has elite pass which costs 499 diamonds and elite bundle pass which is priced at 999 diamonds. So, we need buy 520(which costs you 400 INR) diamonds in order to purchase elite pass and 1020(costs you 800 INR) to purchase elite bundle pass.

The above prices are applicable in coda shop which is trusted site to buy diamonds and other online game stuff.

Link : Free Fire – Coda shop

So, here I am going to show you how to obtain the elite pass in Free fire for free.

How to get Free Elite Pass Garena Free Fire 2020 | 4 Working Methods

How To Get Elite pass for Free online.

Get Free Fire Elite Pass for free

There are hacking scripts which allows you to get free diamonds and coins and also elite pass for free.  Here is the list of online generators. Check it out : Diamonds and Coins Generators Online – Free Fire (Working)

You can try them or I will provide some more below.

Getting elite pass for free is not an easy thing. We should be consistent for getting it free. We should have patience until we get enough bucks. They are many online earning apps which takes some time to earn real credit.

So, trying is not really bad idea. It’s really a good idea to use these type of referring apps than hacking. Yes, there is a possibility of hacking the game to get all items but it definitely results in the ban of our account for sure.

In our Indian gaming community, these very few intelligent hackers who can do it. Remaining all are shitty people who share, promote, fools people by selling it or spamming on YouTube etc. So, don’t waste time on those type of stuff.

Earn money by using those apps and merge your saved money with it and buy elite and get chilled with game.

1) mGamer

Download link: mGamer, Get free diamonds – Google Play Store

This app has 5 M+ download with 4.5 ratings.

We have to earn points by completing survey offers, task offers, lucky spins and watching ads etc.

Notably, We can also buy coins by paying money from PayTM or any other payment apps like PayPal etc.

We can play simple arcade games in this app.

Not only Free Fire, and also PUBG, Mobile Legends and Lords Mobile etc.

Download it from the above link and check whether you will be able to it.

2) Google Pay and Phone Pe Referring campaign.

In September 2020, we will get good cashback in Google pay and phone-pe too. The thing is we have to search for the people who are still not using these but having active bank accounts.

So, let’s see the earnings from these two apps.

Google Pay:

So, here it is 125/- INR for one successful referral.

The advantage will google pay cashback is that we will get credited directly in to our bank account. We can use it elsewhere.

If we refer 4 members successfully, we will get 500/- for sure. We just need 400/- to buy elite pass. We get 100/- in surplus.

But, here the thing is finding four persons without google pay is hard.

So, let’s check the Phone-Pe referral price too.


Here we got 100/- per one successful referral. Of course, it may differ for various users. It may be 200/- for some people.

Here, the referral amount will be credited to the Phone Pe wallet but not directly to the bank account.

We can’t transfer wallet cash to bank account.

But, however we can buy Google Play gift cards and redeem in play store. Then, we can buy the diamonds in Free fire elite pass.

We can also use these wallet balance to pay at diamonds stores like

So, if you get two people who aren’t having Google pay and phonepe, then we will get 125+100 and 125+100 for sure.  So, it’s 225/- INR per user. Therefore, it will be 450/- INR.

If we want more or thinking to buy elite bundle pass, we can arrange or else search for more referees.

Amazon Referrals and Daily Cash backs

If you aren’t on Amazon Pay, get registered by linking your bank account HERE. Link your bank account to get mind blowing offers which really better than Google pay and Amazon pay.

You can check the best offers here : Amazon Daily Cashbacks 2020

Trust me, you will get 4/- to 10/- amazon wallet cashback for sure. Refer the above link to know more.

That means, within 10 days you will definitely get 50-100/- with out hesitation. This is just by transacting 2 Rupees( 1 rupee through UPI/phone number and other 1 rupee through scan QR) daily to your friends or family.

Sometimes, we may 50-99 INR if we are lucky enough.

We can buy Google Play Gift Card with these amazon pay balance and can buy diamonds and then elite pass.


Download Link: ROPOSO- Google Play Store

In this we can earn money by referring to our contacts. But the amount per a referral varies with contacts.

After opening the app, you can see the contacts suppose, if the referral amount is 10/- per one guy , it may be 20/- , 30/-, 50/- etc for other guys.

So, it will be based on the luck.Frre

4) Google Opinion Rewards

Download Link: Google Opinion Rewards – Play Store

This a an official Google LLC app which gives us credits. It has 50 M+ downloads and 4.3 rated over 1 M + reviews.

We should be patient with this app to get credit. Many people reported that this apps gives credit when we use the age 60+.

We will have to complete surveys when they are available. We should wait until the surveys are available to us. Moreover, we can use this credit directly in the Google Play Store with Gift cards.

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