2 Ways to Remove ChocoEukor App with/without root | Samsung Android

2 Ways to Remove ChocoEukor App with/without root | Samsung Android

What is ChocoEukor Android Samsung app | Remove without Rooting

What is ChocoEukor?

ChocoEukor, an app which is usually pre-installed on Samsung devices. The thing is, this bloatware app is being rumored as which stoles personal data and exploiting devices.

So, this app is basically bloatware. So, let’s know about it first of all.

Bloatware :

Bloatware means a set of software apps which is pre-installed apps with the internal software. For example, apps like calculator, default music player, messaging app, etc. Not all the bloatware is useful to us. We can delete them if we want. But, we need to root our device. You can disable those apps in the application manager without rooting your device.

Generally, this Choco Eukor app contains font styles that look like Korean which look attractive and stylish.

Disadvantages :

  • The first irritating thing about this app is, it’s pre-installed and can’t be uninstalled.
  • It runs in the background and can’t be restricted. So, it will be always occupying some RAM all the time.
  • We need to root our devices to uninstall this app which is a little bit risky. No use of factory reset as it’s included in internal software.
  • We know that background apps always drains battery out. This app is one of them.

Steps to Remove ChocoEukor [Root] :

Step-1): Firstly, Root your Android device and download the app named System App Remover.

Here is the link :System App Remover – Google Play Store

Step-2): Then open the app and it starts collecting all apps in your device.

Step-3): Then you can select the app you want to uninstall and click on Uninstall on the right side and confirm that action by clicking on Yes.

 Then, that will be removed permanently.

Remove ChocoEukor without Root :

If you think rooting you is a risky thing, then follow the below steps.

Step-1): First up all, you can open the App Manager in Settings on your Android device.

After opening it, if you are unable to see the system apps, then search for options/three dots on the top and select the option “Show System Apps”.

Step-2): Then select the system app which you want to uninstall.

Step-3):  Afterwards you can click on Uninstall Updates or Disable to make them offline on your device. After doing this, they won’t run in the background and drains your battery.


I recommend you not download any apps from the browser. Always go ahead with Play Store. If you want the backed-up APK of any app, try some apps from will back up any installed apps. Some websites like apkpure are safe. but there are so many sites which inject virus to our mobiles through the apps which we install from browser.

You can also go ahead with XDA Developers to get some official/ recommended tools to kick this type of Bloatware out from your device. They are many other bloatware apps just like this one. For example, Accu Weather Widget, Gmail, ChatOn, Polaris viewer, etc.

This Choco Eukor was first found on Samsung mobiles. It had been running in the background all the time until then let it stop.

So, if you think your device isn’t getting affected by that app, like having good battery efficiency and not consuming mobile data much ( check data usage on basis of apps), then it’s better not to uninstall this app.

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