4 Ways To Fix Lag in Close Range PUBG Mobile | Top Gaming Mobiles

4 Ways To Fix Lag in Close Range PUBG Mobile | Top Gaming Mobiles

PUBG Mobile is the topmost trending game from the last two years. However, there are many issues raising daily. One of those issues is lag, frame drop. This happens mostly when the enemies are approaching near to you. Most of the players use this as a positive thing and can they smell enemies with this lag. They will get alerted. There are many tips and tricks available online which say that they will help you to improve/fix lag issues. But, the thing is, most of them won’t work except the GFX tool.

Yes, GFX tools really work to increase FPS even with the lower processor. That brings strain on the phone but the FPS of the game gets improved for sure. Many of the players are afraid of the ban on their accounts for using GFX tools. These days, no one is getting banned for using them.

I recommend you download the 0.18 GFX tool from the play store which is the top now( 30 June 2020). Here is the link: 0.18 GFX Tool – Google Play Store. It was downloaded more than 10M+ downloads. So, none of the users of this tool banned.

(PUBG Mobile) Fix The Lag While The Enemies Are Nearby.

  1. Try using the GFX tool. You can find the download link from the play store above.
  2. Better turn off the speaker and mic. In case, if you the noise is heavy, the game gets disturbed due to the crash of internet speed. ( Sudden Heavy noise consumes more data).
  3. Third thing is to turn off the background data. You have to manually restrict the data from all other apps. That improves the ping as the restrictions enhance the internet speed.
  4. Uninstall other apps which are huge in size. This frees-up the RAM and easily launches the game.

According to me, the best devices for playing PUBG Mobile are,

1) Redmi K20 Pro

Redmi k20 pro comes with Snapdragon 855 Processor and 6 GB of RAM. This makes the game run smoothly without any frame drops. But, it may get teleporting problems which completely depends on your network strength. If you are using Wi-Fi, then this mobile won’t lag even if you land in Novo with all other 96 players.

2) One Plus 6-6GB RAM and One Plus 7/ 7T and 8 too

One Plus also has many gaming devices. It was the sponsor of MortaL’s live stream. You can check his gameplay. Check his channel and have a look at streams last 8-10 months. Now, he is preferring to play on the iPhone.

3) iPhone XR/XS/XS Max

First of all, if you play on the iPhone for the first, you will feel it’s running extremely smoothly. Most of the YouTubers use iPhone for the best gameplay videos.

4) Vivo IQOO Series

These devices are designed specifically for gaming. However, other Vivo mobiles are really bad at gaming. You may get gyroscope glitches that tend to respond late. But, the IQOO series is pretty better.

5) Real Me 6 Pro, Real Me X

Real me series mobiles really perfect for gaming. They are giving the best performance even with 4 GB RAM. For example Real Me X, it’s with 710 Snapdragon and 4 GB of RAM which makes the game run at Ultra FPS. But actually, Oppo branded mobiles are not really good at gaming as same as Vivo. Most of them are with MediaTek Processor which performs little poor when compared to Snapdragon chipsets.

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