Can you delete Google Reviews?

how to delete google reviews and their possibilities

If you run an online business then reviews matter for you a lot. If you get a negative review on Google My Business this can be harmful for your reputation. Other than this if the review comes out in Google search result this can be harmful.

The next thing that will come to your mind is how to delete a Google Review? A negative review has the potential to impact your reputation. So, now it makes sense that why someone will want to delete a review on Google. According to a survey, the Google platform is the top review website.

How to delete Google Reviews? Is possible?

If you are running a business in Google and need to remove a review from it then the process is not so straight forward. We will guide you to the process of deleting Google review in effective ways.

The effective ways to delete negative reviews are as follows-

1) Response for both negative and positive feedback

  • Address the negative feedback from the customer, is one of the best ways to save the reputation of your business.
  • If you respond to the review of the customer it will help you to change their review. Show your commitment to the user and provide a solution to their issues. Keep in mind that you need to thank the customer for expressing their views on the product. A reply to the negative review will also assure the potential customer that you care and value for the consumers of your services or products.

2) Try to fix the customer queries or any issues  

  • Once you solve the issue. Reach out to the customer and take their view on the matter. Get to know if they do not feel the same and the issue is satisfactorily resolved. Send follow up emails or calls to the customers to have a closure look on this matter.

 3) Ask and Guide Customers to remove or modify the negative reviews 

Now once you provide the solution for the negative remark ask the customer to delete or edit the comment. However, you will need to help are guide the customer on how to delete it.

The step by step guidance is as follows-

3.1: Instruct the customer to open the Google map on their computer or any other device.

open the google maps application

3.2: In the top left corner there will be three horizontal lines which are the Meu option. you can just click on it.

horizontal line option in google maps application

3.3: Now ask them to look for the “Your contribution” option, and then to select Reviews.

yours contributions option page

3.4: Next to the review of your business there are three dotted lines. Ask them to click on it.

3.5: There they can get the Edit or Delete option.

Edit or delete the ratings option in google review

3.6: You can ask the customer for reviews that drive positive reviews. More positive reviews will help out in drowning out the negative ones. Also, you can ask the customers or review them via mail. To get Google reviews mail is one of the most effective ways.

How to manage fake reviews?

If in case you get a fake review which is totally irrelevant to your business, then you can ask Google for help. It is common to receive fake reviews when you run an online business. These reviews are mainly from spam users or some of your competitors. This type of review has the potential to damage your reputation. Google has several spam detection measures to remove fake reviews from your business. You can also delete a fake review if it is irrelevant.

Flag the fake review

If the content anyway violates the review policies that are given by Google you can attempt to delete it by flagging it-

#1. Firstly, you will need to sign in to your Google My Business.

#2. Then choose the location of your business and select the Reviews option from the menu.

#3. Then choose the review which is to be flagged, click on the 3 dots, and then click “Flag as inappropriate”.

Do not forget to respond to the fake reviews also. This will show to the other potential customers that how you handle criticism.

Apart from flagging the review, you can find a way to speed up this whole process. The steps are as follows-

#1. Firstly, Go to Google My Business, Click on the Menu option, and select the Support.

#2. A pop-up screen will appear and select contact us then Need more help.

#3. Then you can go to Customer reviewsàManage Customer reviews.

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