Learn How to Delete WeChat Account

Learn How to Delete WeChat Account

Although this may be true, WeChat is an online chatting application Launched by Chinese company namely Tencent.  Are you using WeChat for your random chats? Maybe you are concern about your data security or WeChat is not matching your requirements? If you are not happy with the features or the security terms, it’s the time to say goodbye to WeChat. Here we will discuss how to delete the WeChat account.

WeChat Appearance

WeChat is a messaging application launched by China which also offers voice chatting and video chatting as well. More than 1.5 billion users are using the application as a registered user. The developer company Tencent also added an extra feature of E-Payment. The key features of the application attract more than 1 billion online users every month.

Why you delete your account?

Having a lot of plus features makes the application more than perfect. Being that good the application disheartened the users because of its security issue. WeChat does not have end-to-end encryption which makes the app easy to hack. A lot of users using WeChat for the online transaction. The app requires some sensitive information to do so but it’s not too secure that it should be. The question about the data safety alarming many people to say goodbye to WeChat. So we will discuss here how to delete the WeChat account to make your information protected.

Say Goodbye to WeChat: Deleting Process Step by Step 

Of course, WeChat is not matching many people’s expectations. If you have also decided to delete the WeChat Account for data security then we are here to guide you.

Previously WeChat was following a lengthy process to erase your account. In that case, you had to erase your all data by yourself. Once you have done so you had to leave a mail to WeChat for erasing your data from their cloud.

Now the process of deleting the account is comparatively easier than before. Now WeChat has made a direct exit procedure.

Follow the steps below to know how to delete the WeChat account.

#1. Log in your account on your device if it’s previously not done.

#2. Then Go to the “Me” option on the bottom right corner. That will lead you to a page that contains your profile information and a few other options.

WeChat profile option

#3. Then Find the “Settings” button and click it.

WeChat settings option

#4. Now among the account settings options choose the “Account Security” icon.

WeChat account security

#5. Scroll down the page and hit on the “WeChat Security Center” option.

WeChat security center option

#6. Select the “Account Cancellation” interactive icon.

WeChat Account Cancellation option

#7. WeChat will reflect a confirmation screen to by saying you what you will lose if you delete the account. If you are comfortable with it click on the “Request Cancellation” button.

Request cancellation processing WeChat

Agree and confirm cancellation screen

#8. Now your account details will be erased from WeChat cloud within 60 days. If you change your mind you can cancel the process by just logging in within 60 days.

WeChat delete confirmation popup screen

That was a few simple steps of How to delete the WeChat account. Apply the steps on your account to make yourself secure from hackers. It’s time to say goodbye to WeChat.

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