How to Update BIOS DELL ?? Follow these 3 methods

BIOS (Basic Input-Output System) is a set of instructions which let the Operating system communicate with Hardware components. During the boot-up,  Bios send instructions to find our the OS and other components. Like the software you can get bio updates frequently. In this article you will know how to update bios dell but before that let me clear some important things.

Why you should update your BIOS???

  • With new update they provide some new advanced features. Even it increase the boot up speed.
  • New updates fix some bugs and security issues of the old version.
  • It corrects the missing information or instructions a new update can Optimize the bios and as a result you can get better performance.
  • If you have just purchased new hardware components and which is not supporting with your machine, then you have to update your bios.

Things you have to Keep in mind before updating your BIOS

It is not a difficult task to update your bios but if you do not know the proper way you can face issues.

  • The first thing is scan your whole system for malware and viruses. Sometimes viruses terminate the update process.
  • If you are facing and software issue then BIOS updates can’t fix it as I said BIOS is connected with hardware, not the software.
  • Before updating the BIOS you have to know the processor compatibility. Because some updates only work properly with recommended processors.
  • While updating your laptop BIOS make sure your AC adapter is connected.
  • If your system shuts down during the update process you may lose your data even system can be corrupted.
  • If you are system is in the warranty period make sure to reach the technician. Many company void warranty if the user updates bios by their self.

To Learn How to update BIOS Dell?

You can update your BIOS by following several methods. But do not turn off your system during the update procedure is running. And make sure your system has enough battery backup.

Terminate the BitLocker protection {Method-1}

Before updating BIOS on Dell PC that has BitLocker enabled, make sure to disable the BitLocker protection. If BitLocker is not suspended, it will now accept your BitLocker key when you start it. In that case, you need to have a recovery key to boot it.

In order to avoid that trouble, you need to turn off BitLocker protection before you are running the BIOS update utility to your Dell system.

  • Firstly, you can start your system and press the Windows key.
  • Then Go to Control Panel.
  • Now go to System and Security and select BitLocker Drive Encryption.
  • And then Select “Suspend Protection” and verify it with the by selecting “Yes”.
  • Continue and replace the BIOS and then restart your PC.
  • Once you are done with your update procedure then resume BitLocker after the restart by clicking on“Resume Protection“.

By Using USB Flash {Method-2}

  • You have to download the BIOS file and copy the file into a bootable USB flash drive to flash your BIOS.
  • Now insert the USB into the system in which you want to update the bios.
  • Turn on your computer and when it startup and shows the dell logo press the F2 or F12 button from your keyboard again and again until it shows a Boot Menu.
  •  Now from the new window menu choose the BIOS setup.
  • By using keyboard arrow keys select “USB storage device” and then press Enter.
  • Now a command prompt will be open.
  • Then write the full name of the BIOS file in that command prompt
  • And then press enter
  • In the new window they will ask “Do you wish to continue?
  • Then you can Select Y.
  • Done.

System Information

First of all, you have to know your system information so that you can identify is there any bios update available for you or not!

In order to know the system information then you can follow the below steps:-

  1. You can press the windows key and R together to open Run.
  2. And type msinfo32 and then press enter.
  3. Hereafter you will get a system information window.
  4. From the left sidebar select System summary. By default it might be selected.
  5. Now from the right window find out BIOS version/date.
  6. It will show you each and every information regarding your system BIOS.

By using Dell driver {Method-3}

  • Open the browser of your dell computer/laptop.
  • Then search for dell drivers and from the results go to the official dell website.
  • Now to identify your compatible driver choose the “Detect product“.
  • If you followed the above method to know your system info you can search by the Product ID or Service Tag.
  • If it is unable to find your product you can choose your product manually. To choose manually select “Choose from all product“.
  • When you found your product click on it and then select find it my self.
  • And from the results select BIOS.
  • And from the bios result download the latest version.
  • Once the downloading is complete now double click on the downloaded file.
  • And select continue.

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