Learn How to Delete Badoo account

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Are you using Badoo application for online dating? You want to delete the account because you got your perfect match? Here you can learn how to delete Badoo account in computer as well as your mobile devices.

Before we discuss about how to delete the account, have a look on how actually works and what it is.

Overview about Badoo and its features

Moreover, If you are looking for a new social media or you like to use the dating apps like Tinder, Consider Badoo to add some more excitement. As a matter of fact, Badoo have more than 350 million of users which is greater than the USA population. In addition, the company claims to be the most liked dating app in the world of social media. So that here you find nearby peoples using it and add them as your friend by creating matches.

Obviously, If you are using the premium package by paying few buds you can enjoy a lot more fun. As a premium membership holder then, you can see who is liking you. Of course, you can make unlimited likes or super likes.

Badoo connecting many people, matching their requirements and giving a chance to meet up with a liked one. Somehow you are fade up or lacking time to use the application or app is making any type of trouble. Whatever the story behind your lack of interest you can say goodbye to this social network membership by following the simple steps.

As Badoo is launched for every android, iOS and PC network separately. Moreover, I’ll tell you how you can deactivate the account whatever device you are using.

Delete the Badoo account using Website

If you were using Badoo from your PC network, then you can follow the steps to delete it.

#1. Firstly, Search the Badoo.com from your Internet Browser.

#2. Then you can go for ‘sign in’ and type your email id and password that you have used in the time of registration.

Badoo sign in page

#3. Once you are successfully signed in then hit your name on the left top to view your profile.

Badoo viewed your profile

#4. Next you can click the settings icon on the top right to open your account settings.

Badoo open account settings

#5. Moreover, Roll down the mouse to find the ‘Delete Account’ function and click on it.

Badoo delete account option

#6. Give the confirmation to delete the account by clicking ‘Delete Your Account’ and hit the Continue button.

delete account continue option

#7. Now answer why you want to leave by choosing any of the options and click Continue.

#8. Now a same popup will come to confirm Reason of Living. Give the reason as same and go for the next.

badoo confirm popup

#9. Then fill your password and solve the captcha to give the final confirmation. Finally once more time click on Delete my Account button.

fill captcha password to delete account

#10. Finally, your Badoo social media profile removed successfully. You will receive an email from Badoo.com when the process will be completed.

Steps to delete Badoo account for Android mobile application

Of course, Removing your Badoo account from mobile devices is not complicated and all. Follow the simple steps to make it done.

#1. First of all download and launch the Bandoo application on your phone if it is not done previously.

#2. Then sign in using your user details.

android Badoo sign in

#3. Afterwards you can choose your profile option to find account settings.

Andoid Badoo application profile settings

#4. Under basic info you’ll get the account option and there you will get the option to delete the account. Before that you need to fill phone no and email and you will get a new popup screen.

Fill up the details email phone no etc

#5. Here you can able to get the delete account button for this application.

Delete account option in Badoo application android

#6. Moreover you can click on the delete account option then choose “Delete your account” and hit the continue button.

delete account option continue button in android application

#7. Now you will get a confirmation screen here you reject the premium subscription.

#8. Choose your reason of deleting the account or you can choose others.

#9. Again confirm the reason of account delectation and press ‘Confirm Delete’.

fill reason to delete account

#10. You will get a success message on app screen and wait for the confirmation mail.

Delete Badoo account on IOS device

Deleting your Badoo account from your iPhone is as similar like Android device. You just launch the application from iOS store if it’s previously not done and follow the same steps we listed for Android application.


Now the whole process of deactivating the account is not a hard job for you. Now you know how to delete badoo account so you can easily deactivate your account by following the steps. Don’t worry! If you want to get back the account. Just hit the revive account option to get back your deleted or deactivated account.

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