How to type degree symbol in excel ?? {Easy 5 methods}


Not getting the degree symbol In Microsoft excel???  Actually you don’t know how to type excel in degree symbol? It’s the common problem that we face in your daily life.    DON’T WORRY!!

  Here, I’m going to share some methods by following them you can easily type the degree symbol.

How to type degree symbol in excel??

There are easy 5 methods available to type degree symbol in excel for both version of  Windows and Macs —

1) Keyboard Shortcut (Method-1)

It’s a very easy and quick method to type the degree symbol. For using this method you can use these keyboard keys:  Alt +0+1+7+6

  • At first, you have to select the cell where you want to put the degree symbol.
  • For editing the cell, you have to press F2 key from the function keypad.
  • At the end of these, hold the Alt and press 0,1,7,6 and you can easily get the symbol.
  • You can use this shortcut for your  MacBook:  Option+shift+8

2) CHAR method (Method-2)

If you want to use this method, in the formula bar, you need to insert CHAR function and define 1,7,6 in the argument =CHAR(176) and press enter key to get the result.

You can also copy the symbol from the below and paste it.


3) VBA code (Method-3)

You can add a degree symbol easily by using VBA code. VBA codes save lots of users time. Simply add this below code on your VBA code editor. and then you have to select all the cell. Later you have to run the code.

Sub AddDegreeSymbol()

DimMyCell As Range

For Each Mycell In selection

MyCell.Value = MyCell.Value & "° "

Next MyCell

End Sub

4) Autocorrect (Metod-4)

You can use this autocorrect method and get degree symbol for your Microsoft excel document. When you have to create autocorrect then there are a few steps you have to follow

  • First of all, click on the File tab from the ribbon and then go to the excel options.
  • In the excel options box, select the proofing and click the Autocorrect options.
  • For this autocorrect options box, you can just enter the DYGR in the replace box and a degree symbol in with input box using shortcut keys (Alt +0+1+7+6).
  • Then click the ADD button and OK button.

5) Using the insert option (Method-5)

  • At first,  select the cell and then click on the insert option from the ribbon.
  • Then you will see the symbol group and click on the symbol icon.
  • In this symbol box, you can get the Font and subset drop-down box.
  • Then you have to choose  Vendara  from font drop-down box and subset will be Latin-1 Supplement
  • Now select the degree symbol and click insert.

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