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Best social media image resizer tools available online

Overview of social media image resizer tools

Social media is where the world seems to be. The posts are gripping people by their engagement quotient and images have a lot to do with the popularity that your posts earn. The content of the post is not text alone or images alone in some media platforms.

It can be a mix of text, captions, audio, video, and images. To keep up with the image rules of social media, it is necessary to learn about the tools like social media image resizer.

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Some of the important functions performed by social media resizer are:

  1. Compress and crop: The social media platforms define the characteristics and the recommended size of the images to be added in the posts in advance. Thus, by cropping and resizing images, one can compress the picture according to laid downs specifications. Sometimes, post creators take pictures from various sources. They might need cutting the relevant portions of the picture to fit the recommended file size. The ability of image resizer to crop the picture helps in customizing the picture size-wise and according to the relevance too.
  2. Change the file format: The source of the image may not be containing the picture in the format compatible with the social media platform. Thus, to make the image in accordance with the social media requirements, one can change the format of the image file using the resizer.
  3. Edit the picture: Images need to be edited to look pleasant and relevant to the post. Not everyone is adept at using Photoshop or related tools for doing the editing and refining job. The image resizer allows the user to define the characteristics like aspect ratio, etc. and edits the image to achieve the desired look. Thus, you can make your profile images more presentable.

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How to use social media image resizer

One can make use of following instructions to use the free tool for image resizing:

  1. Select the origin of the picture. It can be My Computer or image URL. My Computer is used for selecting the locally saved files of the images; whereas URL is used mainly for resizing images available over the web. Once you can be selected then, click upload.
  2. In the case of big images, the users can adjust the selection area by dragging the border along the handles. This helps in resizing the source image. Photo resizing can also be done using click and drag the mouse which results in the custom-fit selection area.
  3. Further, to resize the image, the user can choose output image sizes options from the drop-down list provided.
  4. Once the selection part is done, the resizer prompts to select the output format. In addition, the user can also choose from the user input size.
  5. Then, click ‘done editing’.

The edited image can be saved in the device using the download option. It can also be sent to the other devices or users using the Email Text box where you write the destination user’s email ID with whom you want to share the edited picture.

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Important uses of image resizer for social media

The image resizing tool can help in resizing the multiple images in a single instance. It also offers the option to resize the images in bulk. Further, it enables the users to emphasize a particular portion of the image and also to add a caption to the pictures to draw the attention of the viewers. The free online image resizer tool also helps to remove the distortion while customizing the image according to the social media requirements.

Thus, to make the posts on social media enriched on various aspects, visit the social media picture resizer tool site and get the offline and online image in the desired formats and size without causing blurriness to the final output.

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