How to make an image larger by using offline and online softwares?

how to make an image larger

Things About How To Make An Image Larger

Delivering a message through an image is much easier and faster than giving it via words. We deal with a lot of images daily, be it print media, books, emails, advertisements, or social media. If the image is creative, it immediately captures our attention. However, one more thing is there, which rates an image apart from creativity.

It is the optimum size of the image, and it matters a lot. If you are looking at your mobile phone, the image in it should give you all the details and should fit the screen. If you are looking at a holding, the picture needs to be big and clear enough for you to read from a distance.

Not all images are large by default, and due to this very reason, we need to understand how to make an image larger. Moreover, if you want to know the uses of bing reverse image search and need to sharpen an image, then find and click on that mentioned link here.

Why do we need to learn about enlarging images, can’t we just zoom them and save?

Yes, we can make an image 200% of its size and then save it. But, it may then lose the message that it needs to deliver, and may even result in us losing our business. A zoomed image loses its pixels and hence becomes blurry.

Let us understand pixels, which forms the base of any image

Pixels and bitmap are two keywords for any image, as an image is a bitmap that is made up of pixels. When you buy a digital camera or a new phone, you see the megapixels it has. Well, these megapixels decide how minutely the camera will capture the images.

When we shrink an image, these pixels also shrink with the image information, and hence the image clarity keeps intact. However, when we enlarge the image, the pixels have to expand, but they do not have enough information for the expanded area. This expansion results in image information loss and gives us a blurry image.

The different ways to make your images larger while retaining the quality

Now that we know the importance of pixels, we need to understand how to make an image larger without losing its quality. There are two different ways to do it based on the output you expect.

  • Interpolation is the process in which software guesses the best possible image that can improve the quality with larger images. So, depending upon the software algorithms, the guesswork and hence, the final image may be good, very good, or excellent.
  • Vector Graphics uses the process called lossless image enlargement. In this method, the software generates the image in its vector form, enlarges the vector and finally converts the image again in bitmap form. This is the most prevalent form for enlarging images as the results are better in this case.

Using the above methods, you can enlarge an image with high quality by following one of the three tips –

  1. Enlarge the image and then sharpen it up with the help of tools to get a better result.
  2. If you click pictures by yourself, then try to use a camera with a higher pixel to obtain a bigger picture.
  3. Do not enhance the image with specific sizes as it reduces the image quality. You should increase the size in percentage steps to get a better image quality.

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The tools that you can use for creating a large image from a smaller image

Now that you understand how to enlarge an image, you should consider looking for software that best suits your need. There are various paid and free software available which you can download and start using immediately. All these software have its own way of resizing the images and maintaining the quality. Premium Softwares gives you more features and better results than the free ones. However, it is your usage level that should decide whether you should go for a more professional or a simple tool. Additionally, need to make a file smaller to upload and find the best online backup services, then click this link refer to our previous posts.

When you have the budget to pay for the premium tools, buy this software – 

I am listing a few premium software that can help you get great quality image enlargements. This software is all tested by experts and are very useful either alone or as plug-ins.

  1. Perfect Resize is the available premium image resize tool in the market as per many experts. It works flawlessly on resizing the image with the same quality for up to 10 times the initial size. You can use it as is or can buy a combo where you get a plug-in for Photoshop as well.
  1. Vector Magic converts the bitmap images into vectors and then enlarges it to the expected size. It has a great UI and has become very easy to use in the latest versions.
  1. STOIK Smart Resizer enlarges the photos to up to 1000% and supports printing the images from its interface. When compared to other premium software, it is cheap in pricing, and so it is best suited for professional beginners.
  1. Fotophire Maximizer uses customized formulas to give you a superior quality image enlargement every time you use it. You can get a hands-on on its trial version before going for the premium version.
  1. Photozoom Pro is fairly easy to use software which you can use independently or can plug-in with Photoshop.

When you have less frequent use for resizing the images, go for the freeware – 

If you are a newbie in image handling and want to learn the process, you can start off with the freeware. This software gives outstanding results if you wish to images for personal use.

  1. Gimp is software that is comparable with Photoshop for providing good features. You can enhance your images easily with this free to use software and can get a good quality output for your use. Like Perfect Resizer is at the top of premium software, Gimp is at the top of free image resizing software.
  1. A Sharper Scaling is windows based software that uses bicubic or bilinear interpolation techniques to enlarge images with high quality. The software has an easy to use interface and gives the users a choice to use one of the four available algorithms to enlarge images. This freeware has limited photo editing features and is suitable primarily for re-scaling the images.
  1. Irfanview uses Lanczos3 interpolation process to resize the images. It can enlarge images up to 600 by 600 pixels, and the quality of the image is better than a regular image enlargement. It can be a good freeware for those who do image processing only once in a while and have very basic image enlargement needs.
  1. PIXresizer is the simplest resizing software available for free over the internet. This software needs you to upload an image and tell it the size you want. It does its processing, and you get the larger image that you wished, with minimum quality loss. It is great to have freeware for a newbie who is looking for quick image enlargements and does not want to worry much about image processing.
  1. Reshade Image Enlarger is primarily used only for enlarging images for free with good quality. The software lacks in other image editing features and focuses on providing cleaner and larger images.

For those who want to do it all online, here are the options-

Apart from the downloadable software, there are multiple online applications available which you can use over the network to get instant larger images. You just need to upload your image on their site, and they will process the image online and give you your image back with the re-scaling you expect. Let us look at some of the frequently used online image resizers and see how they perform –

  1. Befunky has both image resizing and editing capabilities and gives up good clean image outputs.
  2. PIXLR is a famous online editing tool which can produce good quality image enlargements.
  3. Online Photo Editor is a simple to use online photo re-scalar and editor and is a newbie’s favorite tool.
  4. Simple Image Resizer focuses on resizing the images with good quality without providing any other image editing features.
  5. Waifu2x finds its primary uses with anime images and gives great results with them.

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In Conclusion

We have reviewed all the possible software and online options that you would use for your image editing requirements. It is important to understand that each of these software work with a target audience in mind. You have to decide, based on your requirement, which software suits you the most. If you are starting off for a professional carrier in digital imaging, then you should not hesitate in buying premium software. Premium software gives your images the right professional look that your clients strive for in their projects. If you are a newbie and want to learn digital imaging or want to do image resizing for fun, you have got plenty of freeware to start with. And finally, if you want a quick turnaround time with minimal processing requirements, you can go with any of the online options.


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