Tips to Remove Name from Google Search for Free

Tips to Remove Name from Google Search for Free

Have you recently seen an article or photo with your name and personal information on Google? If yes, then don’t worry as you can get it removed with the help of online reputation management. In today’s age of social media, personal information is available all over the internet. Even your address, phone number, and email ids are easily available. If don’t believe then visit websites like InstantCheckMate and MyLife.

Therefore, you are in extreme need of information security and for that, you need to know about the Remove Personal Information (RPI) process that helps to remove the personal data from the web. First of all, you need to understand that public information is public and you can’t force anyone to take down the information. However, there are sites which offer complimentary “opt-out” which is basically a process to remove personal information from the site’s database. Though, it can take a few days or a week.

Tips for how to remove my name from a google search for free?

Now let’s talk about RPI that requests around 45+ background reporting agencies to remove your personal data. You can check yourself what kind of information is displayed on all these websites. If there is the availability of complimentary “opt-out” then request the website owner to remove it. If that doesn’t work then you can report the website. Now, you need to recrawl the page because when Google goes back to the page and don’t find any content then it will stop appearing in Google result.

For doing this quickly, go to Google’s public removal tool and put up a “New removal request”. Now, enter the page URL which you want to remove from Google and after this, you have to do any of these two:-

  • If the page is blocked/removed by the owner then you will see a message stating ”page is blocked or removed by the webmaster”. Now, select the checkbox with error 404 to stop the page crawling. This will tell Google that page is no longer available and it will stop displaying it.
  • In case, the page owner has not blocked the page but only removed your content then select the option of “content no longer exist on page”.

To be sure, enter a term from the content to see if it appear somewhere in the page or not. Once Google checks the page and couldn’t find the content then it will delete the fetched copy of content it has got from previous indexing. Using these methods, you can get any kind of information removed. In fact, Google itself gives a complete guideline for online reputation management which helps you to get rid of negative comments from different platforms like YouTube, Blogger, Google maps, etc. You just need to follow the procedure in a correct manner.


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