How to create a survey using Google

How to create a survey using Google

You might think that creating a survey using Google form is a tough thing to do.  If you think like this then you can change your mind. Yes, of course, Google forms are the best way to create a survey in different styles in anywhere and anytime. You can add a lot of questions in it. Besides acquiring unknown answers to complicated questions, you can also use Google forms for other things also.

The main thing which I will mention here is How to create a survey using Google? I will mention the useful steps to clear the question.

Steps to create a survey using Google:

You can get a lot more in Google forms such as the option for multiple-choice questions. To fit the theme of a survey, you can design the survey and also make some question compulsory.

Moreover, Google forms surveys are answered through email and also on the web page when you fix the survey on a site and then share it on social media.

Following are the steps are taken to create a Google form survey.

Step no. 1: Search :

Here You will see there are many ready-made templates (Contact Information, Party Invite, Event registration, etc.) on this Google form. If you need more predefined templates then just click on the “Template Gallery” link here. so that you will see a lot of beautiful templates, choose only if you really matched to your preferences.

Step no. 2: Give a name to the Google survey:

If you need to start a new form, then click on that plus image here. hereafter you will get the new form. After all, enter the name of your new survey form as well as add a description if you need. By default “Untitled form” is the new form name. Incase If you want to change the name, click on the Untitled form to change it your desired name.

Step no. 3: Create a new survey/other related Questions and add the relevant options 

Step no Three includes you can simply click on Untitled Question that is placed on nearby title name and descriptions. You can rename that “untitled question” text and give the suitable question title. Afterward, if you need to add an image, then you can click on the image icon to browse and set the perfect image here.  if you need to remove the selected image then click the three-dotted menu first and choose to delete option.

Next, add the list of options of your created question. By default “Option 1” is placed here. you can click on it and rename as well. Moreover, if you need more options click the ADD”OTHER” option and make it rename.  on the other hand, you wish to delete your options then click the “X” and remove your options easily.

After all, finished, you need to set your options, multiple-choice option, single choice option and ability to customize more. In fact, your google survey form is set to “Multiple choices“. if you need to change this click on that Multiple choice dropdown and it will show the list of all available customizing options here.

Require option:- Sometimes we need to make compulsory questions. For that kind of cases you can turn on this require option and it will validate your form furthermore.

Step no. 4: Method of answering a question:

In this step, you have to mention the method of answering a question. You have to specify dates and timings to your option. The audience will select the date and time where they are needed. In the case of short answers and paragraphs, these do not include in it. You can leave a blank space to add an answer.

In general, there are two types of options for answering questions in the google form. One is Multiple choices where the audience select one option while the Checkboxes permits to select more than one option. A viewer can also choose to rate in Linear scale by choosing digits from 1 to 5.

The audience can select the answer from Dropdown, where they get an answer to add to the question.

Probably there are more ways to answering a question and choose the best one depends upon your survey form requirements.

Step no 5: Side Menu Tools:

If you want to add the side menu icons to the survey you can follow the following accordingly:

If you’re going to add the next question, you can select the Plus button. if you want to include section title and description choose the Tt button. In order to design your surveys, select the Photo and Video buttons. You want to convert your survey into different sections, select the Two rectangles icons. To make the question compulsory to answer select the Required switch to do so.

The same questions you needed to other sections then click the Duplicate tool and also delete your questions you press the Trash tool. To edit the survey (or) include an image to the header, tap on the Palette icon. If you want to check the google form survey, click on the Eye icon. If you’re going to open survey setting, tap on the Gear icon.

Step no. 6: Option for responding survey:

If you want your audience to answer the survey from their email client, tap on ‘’Include the form in email’‘. Many clients do not use emails, so you have a lot of other options(Link and Embed HTML) to choose from.

Step no. 7: Mark the survey completed:

Mark the survey completed by tapping on Send. Now you can share it on social media (facebook and twitter) platforms too.

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