how to check the Amazon gift card balance for your account without redeeming

How to Check Amazon Gift Card Balance Without Redeeming?

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Amazon has redefined the way of making gifts to the loved ones on special and festive occasions. The gift card is one of the payment methods just like the debit card with the shopping limit mentioned on it. The owners of the gift cards can visit the Amazon and redeem a gift card by purchasing the items of their choice from the sellers or e-retailers who have participated in the gift card scheme. The total value of the items should be equal to the gift card balance. The beauty of the gift card is that it never expires and the owner is able to use it for shopping whenever needed.

The best use of gift cards lies in celebrating special occasions like anniversary, birthday, homecoming and even Christmas and Thanksgiving. The gift card gives the recipient the freedom of buying the product of their choice instead of compromising with the gifts they receive from the family or friend on special occasions. Gift cards are the products rolled out by Qwikcilver and is making the process of gifting interesting for both the parties. The users can also purchase a gift card from the Amazon website and get it printed or sent to the email address.

The gift card payment is not possible for all the products. There is a certain line of products only that qualify for purchase using a gift card. While shopping using the gift card, the amount equal to the item value is deducted from the balance available on it. Thus, it is very much important to check the balance and also the process to know the gift card balance.

Amazon gift card balance check process

To ensure a smooth shopping experience and to avoid last-minute disappointments, one should always be aware of the gift card balance beforehand. Thus, you must know the process of how to check the Amazon gift card balance for your account without redeeming. Here are the requisite steps that you ought to take to check Amazon gift card amount:

  1. Go to the Amazon website after using the browser of your choice.
  2. Sign in to your Amazon account or Amazon Prime.
  3. If you have just received the gift card, but you don’t have an account, register with the site.
  4. The registration process is simple and includes typing your email address and selecting the password of your choice after clicking the sign-up sign.
  5. Once you reach your account, you’ll find the icon ‘gift cards’.
  6. You click on gift cards to know the balance and to redeem it using a claim code.
  7. When you try to find the balance, you find the option ‘Redeem a gift card
  8. Redeem option further provides the choices – i. Check, ii. Apply to your balance.
  9. The check option tells you the gift card balance without redeeming. Apply to your balance option helps you pay for the items you purchased using the balance available.

What if the gift card does not have sufficient balance?

You need not get disheartened when the gift card is lacking the balance you need to buy the preferred product from the participating stores on Amazon. You can simply pay the remaining amount from the debit card or credit card or use your bank accounts to accomplish the shopping process. Thus, gift card can be fully or partially utilized for the item purchased at Amazon.

How to purchase the gift card for the self?

When you visit the Amazon account page, you will find the option Gift Card. The gift cards are available in various types, such as:

  1. Anytime gift cards,
  2. Kindle gift cards,
  3. Animated gift cards, and so on.

On the basis of the purpose, the gift cards are marketed as birthday gift cards, anniversary gift cards, occasion cards, boxed gift cards and so on.

Some of the participating retail stores, grocery shops, pharmacies, and convenience stores are offering gift cards for free on the order value exceeding certain value.

  • To buy the gift cards from Amazon, one can visit the Gift card section.
  • Select the gift card and mention the balance you wish to load the card with.
  • Pay the amount mentioned and get the gift card either printed, as an e-gift card or it can be e-mailed to your registered address or to the address of your choice.

Various denominations of the gift cards

Gift cards are available in varying denominations. Some of the popular ranges of denominations are:

  1. Classic gift cards: price ranges between $25-$500, $10 option is also available
  2. com occasion cards: Available in the denominations range of $25-$500
  3. com Boxed gift cards: Available in denominations range of $25-$500. The best part of boxed gift cards is that these come covered in the boxes. Thus, your card is safe and secure and also quite presentable as the gift item to the loved one 🙂

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