4 ways to change IMEI number permanently | Fix invalid/error IMEI numbers

How to change IMEI number permanently

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number is one of the important parts of mobiles which is used to identify and trace the lost mobiles. Generally, the IMEI number contains 15 digits which are broken into parts. If you change the IMEI number, it is difficult to trace your mobile. In case, if your mobile is lost or stolen, you may feel it difficult to trace it if you change your IMEI number.

However, you can add your lost mobile’s IMEI number to blacklist by providing your ownership proof in nearby showrooms. This results in the blockage of networks on your mobile. You may also lose important documents and credentials etc..

In the UK, it is said to be illegal to change the IMEI number. In order to find your IMEI number by your android smart mobiles then just by typing *#06#  on your dialer or with your mobile box. so that you can find the IMEI number of your mobile on that box. Sometimes, if you change your IMEI number in any way, you may find it as invalid on some websites or tracers. Then, you can get back to your IMEI number by Factory reset or the app or tool which you used to change it.

So, the question highlighting is…

How to change the IMEI number permanently?

They are many ways to change IMEI number these days.. Changing the IMEI number is beneficial, but in the same way, it has disadvantages too. Keep this in mind before changing the IMEI number.

Let’s get into the process,

There is a very popular way to change,

Method 1) {Common And Popular method}:

*Works with Android devices

Step 1: Open your dialer and type either *#7465625#  or *#*#3646633#*#* .

Step 2: You will be directed to Engineer Mode on your android device.

Step 3: Click on the Connectivity option which is very beside Hardware.

Step 4: Now, you can see the CDS Information which is the bottom of the list after Wi-Fi CTIA.

Step 5: Choose the top third option named Radio Information in process to change your IMEI number.

Step 6: Now, If you have two SIMs on your mobile, then you can change the IMEI number of both if you want or anyone.

Step 7: You can see IMEI1(sim1) and IMEI2(sim2) ..Change whatever you want just by replacing the IMEI_1 in the AT+EGMR=1,7,” IMEI_1” and IMEI_2 in the AT+EGMR=1,10,” IMEI_2” with any number which you want to be your new IMEI number. Replace them with your new IMEI number.

Step 8: Finally, Click on the Send button to save changes.

*You can also do this by downloading an app named mobile uncle available on the play store. This is for MediaTek Chipset devices.

This app is instead of using the above code on the dialer pad.

Method 2) To change IMEI on your smartphone devices using private applications

This method requires a rooted device to change the IMEI number permanently by the usage of some third-party apps.

Step1) : At first Root your Android device with some rooting apps after unlocking the bootloader (If your android version is above 5.0.1).

Step2): Search for Device IMEI number changer(root) or any other app in the play store and download it.

Step 3): Better back-up your device and follow the instructions given in the app.

Step4): Moreover Check the current IMEI number and enter the new IMEI number.

Step5): After all Factory Reset the device and then you will get the new IMEI number replaced with your old one.

Method 3): Change IMEI using Xposed Installer application

By using Xposed Installer. This method requires a rooted device to change the IMEI number by the usage of some third-party apps.

Step1) : Firstly Root your Android device with using some kind of rooting apps after unlocking the bootloader process (Please note that If your android version is above 5.0.1).

Step2): Now, You can download and install the app Xposed Installer APK.


https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/rovo89/xposed- installer/xposed-installer-3-1-5-release/xposed-installer-3-1-5-android-apk-download/download/

Step3): Open the app and you can see two options namely Font Changer(iFont) and IMEI changer.

Step4): Tick the second one that is an IMEI changer.

Step5): Then, you can see your current IMEI number and you can change it by entering your new IMEI

new the below box labeled “New IMEI” number.

Step6): Select the option apply below and the save changes! ! . .

*Your IMEI number will be changed and you can get the old IMEI number within the app itself.

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Method 4): Change IMEI number permanently by using PC with SDK tools

Step) 1:  Go to the “About Phone” option on your Android device ! and click on build number until you get a short message at the bottom of your screen as “You are now a developer”. It’s about 5-8times frequent clicks on the build number.

Step) 2: After that, you see a new set of options named “Developer Options” at the bottom of your Android device. . .

Step) 3: Next, open them and switch on the option called “USB Debugging”.

Step) 4: Now, download SDK emulator along with HEX Editor (or any other alike editor if you know) on your pc and extract them properly. Also, download any device driver which drives the properties of your Android device with your pc.

Step) 5: Attach your Android device to your pc through USB..

Step) 6: Now, run the executable program named xvI32. Exe on Adm., privileges.

Step) 7: Once, the freaking whole process is completed, open that executed file arm named emulatorarm .exe.

Step) 8: if you completed all steps then you can press Control + F and then fish into CGNS(in the search box). . .

Step) 9: At finally, you can change your Android devices IMEI number by changing the numbers after +CGNS

which is left of your pc screen.

  • Now, you can eject your device and check the new IMEI just by dialing * # 0 6 # on the dialer of the phone.

Note: Method 4 Is hazardous and may ruin your Android device. try this method at your own risk. Even, this method is perplexed and complicated to normal people.

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