7 spying apps which helps you in hacking others’ mobile

how to hack a cell phone remotely

Spying on others without their knowledge is illegal but however, it’s legal under parental connection or anything. To hack a mobile remotely, there are many ways by using various spy software which is available on the web. Many of those requires physical control over the device, which is to be hacked.

But, some complicated and integrated software doesn’t require that physical connection with the victim. Governments use IMSI(International Mobile Subscriber Identity) Catcher for tracking all mobile devices of customers.

Stingray also other types of tracking towers, where if you are around those towers, your information will get accessed to them. However, these are only done by govt or cops. So, it is safe.

So, our question is…

How to hack a mobile remotely?

Many people want to know what others are doing on the mobiles. For example, a couple doubts each other and always tries to check their mobile without knowing each other. These 7 apps will you if you in this type of situation. These are undetectable and legal for sure.

Likewise, Parents also try to know what their kids are doing with mobile phones and tablets. Parents can block any game or site from their children’s devices by using these apps.

As mentioned above, there is so much software that is helpful to hack a mobile.

One of them is TheTruthSpy

1) TheTruthSpy:

truth spy smartphone spying apk

Official website:: https://Thetruthspy.com

  • It’s spying software that helps you to hack a mobile remotely. It’s very comfortable software among many others.
  • Notably, It doesn’t need physical access which the victim’s device.
  • Identically It just required to download and install the software on your device.
  • Most importantly it extracts all personal data from the targeted device, including location via GPS, account logs, documents, files and all.
  • It requires the pairing process with the targeted device via a call or SMS which connects with your mobile.
  • You have to mention the correct reason for using this software and the proof, identity documents.
  • If possible, it’s better to take an agreement where the victim is agreeing to spy his/her device.
  • You need to add your email after installation which is required.
  • You can also use the control panel which stores and back-up the whole hacked data.
  • If your reason is ridiculous, you can’t use this software.
  • Once everything is done and the software is activated, you can access everything on the victim’s device including, internet activity, application logs, and data, keylogging.
  • You can also send SMS, calls and can block internet sites.
  • Ambient calls help you to listen to the victim’s surrounding sounds and words.
  • You can make a fake call to activate this which switches on the mic of their mobile without their knowledge.
  • All the actions and activities of you are unknown to the victim.
  • You can find many more tools on the website.

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2) DroidBox :

access cell phone remotely using drop box application

Official Site: https://droidbox.co.uk/

  • As a matter of fact, It’s a simple popular Android hacking tool that helps you to hack the personnel data and record them on your device.
  • It’s heavily complicated but gives you the best results.
  • Moreover, It’s a great hacking tool for incoming and outgoing data tracing of the victim’s device.
  • You can download that application from the below link:: https://droidbox.co.uk/


mspytracker app - best spy for smart mobiles

Official Site: https://mspytracker.com/

  • This is a website where you can find 33 various hacking/spying tools that are really useful.
  • Those 33 are Viber, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Geo-fencing, Wi-Fi Networks, Contacts, Calendar, Application Monitoring, Browsing History, Line, Tinder, Telegram, Skype, Keyword Alerts, Emails, SMSs, GPS location, Snapchat Monitoring, Calls Logging, Keylogger, Hangouts, Photos, and Videos.
  • You can try all of them after entering the site as a demo.

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4) MxSpy

mxspy spying android application

Official Site: https://mxspy.com/

  • MxSpy is also a very popular spying software on the web. It requires physical access with the victim’s mobile for up to 10 minutes.
  • It requires Device Administration activated with MxSpy after installation.
  • As is popular, it is said to the low risky app to be installed.
  • Before installing, you have to switch on unknown sources along with turning off the play protect scanning for threats.
  • After downloading the software of mxspy on the victim’s device, you to extract app from Storage- Android – data – android.mxspy.com which activates the software.

5) PanSpy :

panspy hacking application to access mobile remotely

Official Site: https://www.panspy.com/

  • Likewise, This is also a legal software for spying purposes in which you have to create an account on the official site.
  • Meanwhile, You have to subscribe to use these services which little bit gulps your pocket money and then you will get the link to download the application.
  • Moreover, This requires physical access with the victim’s device where we have to download the panspy app on his/her device and it should be authorized or authorization granted in the administration.
  • However, you can hide the freaking app icon on the victim’s device to make out of their knowledge.
  • In other words, Panspy is undetectable to the victim and it works in stealth mode.

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6) AhMyth

ahmyth application access smartphone remotely

Official Site: https://github.com/AhMyth/AhMyth-Android-RAT(available on this website)

  • AhMyth is a Remote Administrative Tool(RAT)
  • Ahmyth is a RAT which is said the powerful Android hacking tool.
  • These types of tools are the great running programs for hackers when compared with the other.
  • First, you have to download the Ahmyth from Github from a trusted supplier online where you should get a perfect source code.
  • After installing, you have to create an Android hacking application.
  • You have to change the Source Internet Protocol which is linked with your device to get a cover. You can also infect other applications using this hacking application.
  • Then, you to install this created application on the victim’s device.
  • This needs to turn on unknown sources in the victim’s device.
  • After installation, you can go to the victim’s lab option on your device where you can see and notice every moment of the victim.

7) Kali Linux NetHunter

kali linux nethunter spying app

Official Site: kali.org

  • Nethunter is an Android Read Only Memory platform where mobile penetration tests can take place.
  • It is specifically designed for Nexus, OnePlus and Samsung devices and can be used for these companies officially.
  • However, we can use this Net Hunter for other company smartphones in the way which is unofficial.
  • Your mobile should be rooted before installing this Net Hunter…
  • You can root via SuperSu or Busy box etc..

8) Hackode

hackcode best hacking mobile application

Official Site: https://apkpure.com/hackode/com.techfond.hackode

  • Hackode is a simple Android hacking tool mainly for Google Hacking.
  • However, we can do many others with this app but Google Hacking is popular.
  • Google Hacking contains various like PHP configuration, SQL injection, etc..
  • Hackode also has scanning tools and Ping in it which are helpful.
  • This is an Android app so, you need some Android emulator to run this on your pc. You can download this app from malavida.com or from the below link:
  • https://www.malavida.com/en/soft/hackode/android/#gref
  • It is also available on apkpure.com.

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