Best Email Tracking Software Tools

Email Tracking Software Tools

If you are here purposely to get the most top email tracking, definitely, this article will be a favor for you. This blog contains the full details on how-to-use email tracking in your email marketing and other related. The following are simple outline and structure that will assist you to make your email tracking successful.

1) SalesHandy

This is the most common tools as far as email tracking is a concern. It is an email tracking tool that offers limitless email tracking and it is free as long as you desire to use it.

The following are easy steps you can take in order to start using SalesHandy for your email tracking:

Step one –

When open SalesHand site, click Sign up. You are to fill the form with your full information or details. You can use outlook account.

Step two –

The next step is to download the chrome extension app.   As soon as you get it to download, the next step is to start using your email tracking. By this, you can be tracking every vital email you want to track.

Interestingly, SalesHand is useful and valuable with all kinds of email as long as it uses through SMTP configuration.

Apart from the above features, SalesHand has many features that make it unique and benefits to your usefulness. These features are:

Email Scheduling –

It is a free package feature which you can use to schedule any emails with the specific time of your choice. You can time as many emails you have with any of the 240 times zones around the world.

Email Templates

This a unique feature that available for you to store emails mostly importantly, your emails that target for daily sending. Using this feature will save you more time, reduce your stress and assist you to be proactive in your business.

Link and Document Tracking –

Link and document tracking is another best feature for anyone that desire to get the best result in email tracking. You can use it to track wholly the links and documents that sent in the emails. You can use it to plunging somebody.

Mail Merge –

This is another marvelous feature which you can use to send numerous emails at once or per day. It is also known as bulk or mass emailing.

Automated Follow up –

This is a feature that works together with your bulk email. It mainly offers you follow up along with the bulk emails with additional more than different of nine stages of follow up. Using automated follow up will not only grow your open emails but will also be added to its response rate.

2) LeadBoxer

LeadBoxer is a common tool mainly for sales enablement and lead generation that enable you to tracks your emails and messages mostly the Gmail users. It is a tool that also supported with a chrome extension which you can use to join in with your Gmail account and track email opens, as well as link clicks, and so on.   

Track & Identify your Leads –

One of the benefits you cannot deny with LeadBoxer is that it is a tool that will assist you to discover the attitudes of your probable leads and clients right away from email, advertising, social media, blogs, as well as website.

Lead score –

This is a tool that stipulates the Leadscore of every side view probable prediction based on their behavior. This is easy to analyze through the location where the client comes from, size, campaigns, industry, and other useful info that you provide them.

Pricing Plans –

LeadBoxer offers a wide-ranging online sales intelligence, lead generation and marketing campaign analytics dais which contains a feature for messages, circular as well as Email tracking. Moreover, specific pricing for the solution is available.

3) Yesware

This Email Tracking Software is a powerful sales rendezvous platform that offers real-time open notification and that exposes you to the persons open your emails, anyone that clicks on your links and also those downloads the attached files of your emails.

Yesware is effective and competent because of the feature its entails that workable ability with your Gmail account. It has effortless convulsions in with your Gmail account as it was revealed unto you in the screenshot. Your Gmail has the function of click rates, open rates as well as reply rates on your Yesware dashboard. With these functions, it makes it accessible for your target and focuses the best lead at the correct time.

Email Templates –

This template saves you stretch and make your daily emails function and powerful with the feature of Yesware email templates. So also, it is possible for you to practice the A/B test, and you can also track how far your templates emails have performed.


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