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How do I make one page landscape in word?

While putting together an essay or report you may require to put a large image. In such a situation you will wonder how I make a one-page landscape in word. The large image, graph, or chart in a horizontal layout will help you to adjust the picture.

The problem which arises while doing so is that I can try to make a one-page landscape, the orientation of the other pages also changes. So, we will tell you the fastest and simplest answer to the question ”how do I make a one-page landscape in the word?”

Steps to make one-page Landscape

1) Firstly, You need to select the relevant image or text that you want to be on a landscape page.

2) Now on the top of your Word page, you will get the Layout option. Click on it.

Layout option in word document

3) Now you will able to see the Margin option. Tap on it.

Margin option in word document

4) Now go to the Custom margin option.

Custom margin option in word

5) This will pop up the page setup window in front of you. Then you can click on the Landscape option for your Microsoft word document.

Landscape option in word

6) Afterward, you can scroll down to the bottom of the page. Under the Apply to option select the ’Selected text option’.

Selected text option in word

7) Tap on the Ok button.

Now you will get your selected text or image on a landscape page. This will definitely make your report more beautiful.

The fastest way to make a one-page Landscape in the word document

As a matter of fact, Keyboard shortcuts will help you to get one page as the landscape in lesser time. Using shortcut keys to complete your work within seconds while point and click methods can take several minutes. Keyboard shortcuts always act like magic and once you are habituated you will rarely use the mouse again.

Here are the keyboard shortcuts for changing the one-page landscape in word.

1) First up all you can select the appropriate picture or text which you want to turn into Landscape in your word document.

2) Then you can press the Alt key in your keyboard and P (Alt+P). This will directly open your Layout tab.

3) Now to open the Margin option you have to click on the M key.

4) By clicking on the A key, you can go to the page setup window.

5) Now you have to click on the alt key along with the S key to select the landscape orientation option.

6) Now to go to the Apply to option that is at the bottom of the page select the Alt key with the Y key. Then after you can click on the down arrow and hit enter on your system keyboard.

7) At finally, the page setup window will close here and your selected picture or text will be on the landscape-oriented page.

This article gives you two methods namely point and clicks as well as the keyboard shortcuts for changing one page to landscape in word. Both methods are equally useful with more time and others with less time. This article has clearly elaborated the answer to your question “How do I make the one-page landscape in the word document”.

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