How to Password Protect Microsoft Word Document

How to Password Protect Microsoft Word Document

If you ask anybody which is the most used software in their system? Then, most of them will say Microsoft word, as document writing is something everybody needs to do whether he is a student or a working professional. However, important documents need to have password protection so that they remain safe from different kinds of threats.

Precious Tips To Help You Get Better At Password Protect Microsoft Word Document

Here, we are mentioning some of the methods to password protect Microsoft word document:-

Put the document in read-only mode:-

This will let the readers know that the document is final and can’t be edited. To mark the document final go to “File” and then click on “Info” which will show the “Protect Document” option. In this option, select Mark as Final and click on “OK”. In case, a second dialogue box appears, then select “don’t show me this message again” and click on OK. You can also cancel the option of “Edit Anyway” to tell the reader that the document writer has not given permission to edit document in any situation.

You can also prevent others from opening your document. For this, you again need to go to File then Info and then Protect Document. Now, you can encrypt the document with a password by selecting “Encrypt with Password” option. When you select this option, a dialogue box will appear asking for the password to be used for encryption. Give the password, click OK and a second dialogue box will appear that will again ask for the password to confirm it. So, again type your password to confirm it and click on OK.

This password can be changed or removed easily by following some simple steps like:-

Go to File, open save as dialogue box then go option “tools” where you will another option named “general options”. Click it, enter your old password to change it or you can remove it by clearing all the passwords.

If you only want to hide metadata of your document then you can that too. Simply go to File option given on the menu tab and then go to Info. This will show you the “Check for Issues” option and you have to select “Inspect Document” from it. This will pop up a dialogue box named “Document Inspector” with various check-boxes for giving different kinds of permissions. So, select the ones which you want to inspect. Then, click on “Inspect” and then simply click the “Remove All” button to remove data.

At last, we have the best option for document protection that is “Restrict Formatting and Editing” which is basically giving permission to the user to make certain kind of changes and to restrict them from making some unwanted changes. For this go to File menu of the document, click on Info option which will show the “protect document” menu which has “Restrict Editing” facility. In this go further and select “Restrict Formatting and Editing” option to set up a word document protection which you want.

So, these are some of the best and most easy to use methods to protect a Microsoft word document.

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