Fix “Cant take Screenshot due to security policy”

How to Fix

You often get frustrated when you need to take a screenshot urgently. but your phone displays the message “Cant take Screenshot due to security policy”. Android phones throw this error message randomly due to several reasons. When you are using some work-related application in your personal phone the chances of this type of message increase. Some of the scenarios that you face are-

  • An error message pops out which reads as “Can’t take Screenshot due to security policy”.
  • You are using the keys combinations in your phone but the screenshot cannot be captured.
  • When you are taking the screenshot using Google assistant but it is not responding.

Unable to capture screenshot issue screen

Why we are facing this “Can’t take Screenshot due to security policy” issue?

If you are attempting to take a screenshot using your android device and fail to do so then do not worry. Here you can clearly know and understand why you are facing this “Can’t take Screenshot due to security policy” issue in mobile as well as your PC or Tablet and other devices.

 1st Reason –  Screenshots not working in Incognito Mode

Your android phone has a feature that prevents you to take the screenshot while you are using Chrome in Incognito mode. While you are searching in google chrome browser this problem won’t happen. However, the incognito mode can prevent you from taking the screenshot.

2nd Reason – Legal Policy Issues

If you are using an android phone that is issued to you by any corporation, school, or company, then they had a pre-set policy on that phone. His policy can prevent you from taking the screenshot. However, if you have logged in to your company’s account with your android phone this policy can also be applicable in such cases.

3rd Reason – Restrict Screenshot for Safety Purposes

Some application that is present in the play store has a privacy policy which prevents you from taking a screenshot. Some of the financial application for banking and investment has this type of policy. They disable the screenshot from being taken for safety purposes. This prevents malicious activities in the background and prevents your data from hackers.

The Possible solution to Fix this “Can’t take Screenshot due to security policy” problem

1) In case your company or school has seized the screenshot functionality, you can talk to the IT person of your organization. However, for privacy purposes, you can hear a no from them.

2) You can check by uninstalling some of the recently installed applications from your phone. Some of the work-related applications can put a restriction on your phone from taking a screenshot.

3) If you are using the Incognito mode of Google chrome, close it before you go for a screenshot. Search the required content from a normal browser, regular chrome tab, Firefox, UC browser, etc.

Incognito mode of Google chrome

4) You can use Google assistance for taking the screenshot. For this open the page which you want to capture. Say “Ok Google, take a screenshot”. Like this, your work will be done in seconds. You can even try the combination of keys in your phone or swipe function to take a screenshot.

Ok Google, take a screenshot- command in google assistant for mobile device

5) If your phone is running out of storage and fails to save the screenshot, clean up your phone. You can use a disk clean-up applications or can manually delete some unwanted files or photos from your phone.


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