3 Effective Ways to Increase RAM on Mobile in 2020

3 Effective Ways to Increase RAM on Mobile

How to increase RAM on android devices?

Increase ram in mobile

Ever thought of increasing RAM( Random Access Memory) in android devices. Can we do it? And how about ROM( Read Only Memory)?.

Actually, we can buy ROM in the form of external SD cards, Pen drives, etc. As the size increases, the cost will increase.

ROM is used for storing some stuff like media, documents, games, and other data. This is a permanent memory.

RAM is temporary memory which is stores data for a while. So, increasing RAM on mobile devices is a really hard thing.

We should also care about freeing up the RAM daily and disabling the auto start of rarely used apps.

I have heard that after rooting an android device, we can enhance RAM and can create more RAM by making swap files. This RAM is called Virtual RAM.

For doing this, we require an app named Roehsoft RAM Expander.

First of all, I explain how to root an android device.

^ Rooting an Android Device

Caution: Rooting your android device is harmful. It should be done under good knowledge.

Rooting your device will also depend upon the device, bootloader, and the android version.

Step-1): Firstly, Open your android device and make sure you have 30% of charging. Download the King Root App from the browser.

Here is a link: King Root APK Direct Download

Or from other sites: King Root Android File host

While installing, it may show a warning. Read it carefully and pass that warning.

Step-2): Then you can go to Accessibility in setting and switch on for the King Root app.

Step-3): Next, Open the king root app now. It will show the benefits and shows the option “Try now”. Click on it.

Step-4): It will check your device for a while and showing up your device company and model. And also you can see the “Try Root” option after checking. Select that.

Step-5): It will take longer to process all stuff and shows the percentage of progress.

When it reaches 100%, your device will get rooted successfully. If not, you have to unlock the bootloader which requires a PC. And it will be another process.

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Now, getting back to the topic,

^ How to Expand RAM on Mobile. Android and iOS.

 Download Link of Roehsoft RAM Expander: Click Here

Step-1): First up all, you can open the app and you can see the memory stats of your device.

Step-2): Then click on Optimal Values at the bottom left.

Step-3): Then select anyone you require from the four optimal values multitasking, balanced, gamers, net gamers.

Step-4): Now, switch the swap to active on the top left side. That’s it, It will take a long time to create a swap file.

Once the file is created, reboot the system once and enjoy virtual RAM.

If you already created swap files before and wanted them to activate, follow these steps.

Step-2):  Choose the storage (ROM/SD Card) which size of the virtual RAM you want.

Step-3): Then click on three dots on the top right corner and choose “Select SWAPDIR”.

Step-4): Now, choose the partition-based on the RAM you want to create. Check the size and select that one to create a swap file.

^ Increasing RAM using Link2SD

Requirements :

1) Your device must be rooted.

2) Your device should contain CWM Recovery installed on your device. Check it out here from the below link: Click Here

3) You should have an SD Card with a 6 or higher class.

Download Link2SD here: Link2SD – Play Store

Download Swapper for root here :

Step-1): Firstly, Open recovery mode on your android device. To open that, switch off your device and hold three buttons volume up, power button, and home button simultaneously.

Step 2): Then, a set of options will appear with the android robot repair logo. Select the Advanced option. Use volume up and down buttons to navigate.

Step 3): Now, select the partition SD card and then select the size you want. (Ex: 512 MB).

Step 4): Also, select the swap size either 32 or 64.

Step 5): Now, open the Link2SD app and run it by selecting “Ext2”. Select the installed locations to external in the app.

Step 6): Re-start the device and check the memory stats.

^ Boosting RAM using third-party apps

1) Smart Booster

There is an app called Smart Booster available on the play store.

Download it here Smart Booster – Play Store

Step-1):  Open the app and add the widgets to the Home screen like one-tap boost etc.

Step-2): Then you can select the boosting priority level from Aggressive to Gentle which frees-up in descending order.

Step-3): Then, Go to advanced app manager, and there you can use more RAM boosting settings like hibernation of apps, turning off the auto start, moving apps to SD card, etc.

You can also boost the RAM from the notification bar itself.

2) SD Maid

These apps require root access.

2.1) You can take control of any file through this app using a full-fledged file manager.

2.2) You can find the trash and cache left by uninstalled apps simply by using this app.

2.3) Overall, you can optimize your whole device with this app.

3) Convert Memory to RAM

Download Link: Convert Memory to RAM – Play Store. This app is reviewed 600 times with 3.9 ratings and 100K+ downloads.

Here is the procedure,

Step-1): You can open the app and turn on the memory converter with the ON button at the bottom.

Step-2): Now, select the amount of memory that you want to convert from ROM to RAM. Also, set the CPU allocation below.

Step-3): It will take some time and the stuff will get downloaded.

Step-4): After some time, it shows “ RAM created successfully and running in the background” and the button turns green with the ON logo.

Then, you can also check the created RAM in the notification bar.

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