How to get Free Google Play Gift Cards to Purchase Alok Character.

How To Unlock Free Fire Dj Alok Character Free Hack Website Link

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How to get DJ Alok character | Free links to claim reward

Free Fire Mobile, the rising Battle Royal game came up with a new update on  July 8th, 2020. Many other bugs and issues got fixed by this update.

So, I am going to show you the best ways to obtain Alok character in free fire mobile for free.

It costs you 599 diamonds to buy or you can take 160 subscriptions to get it. You can try special airdrops which cost ₹29 to get 300 diamonds. Then, if you got this lucky special airdrop, Alok will be yours at ₹58.

You might have a look on YouTube to know how to get it and mostly they will show you by redeeming the Google play store gift cards.

Special Advantages of Alok Character

  • This character builds good chemistry among your squad and enhances your heal power faster.
  • This character has levels too. At level 1, the health will get restored +5 within 5 seconds and at level 6, it will be increased by +10 Health.

How to get Free Google Play Gift Cards to Purchase Alok Character.

There are some apps that provide free gift cards of Google Play, Amazon, etc for completing some surveys and tasks online.

For example Google Opinion Rewards

Link: Google Opinion Rewards – Play Store

This app is from Google LLC official where you will have to complete surveys to get rewarded. The earnings will be a little small, but will patience you can get up to 5$ to 10$ which is enough to purchase Alok Character. So, but that way, you can will know how to get dj alok charecter.

There are many other apps that provide free gift cards. But, most of them contain misleading ads which will take a too long time to get rewarded. So, I am not going to mention any of them.

How to get Dj Alok character in free fire from online links without diamonds

I have noticed many

How To Unlock Free Fire Dj Alok Character Free Hack Website Link

Link Here :

You can use the above to link to claim the Alok character for free. But, if it asked for human verification or to share that link to others, then don’t go for it. It’s a waste of time. Instead of this, try another way.

And don’t share log in on internet pages showing the free gifts to collect. Your account may get ban or disable for those types of activities. Those are phishing pages which stoles your account.

Participate in Giving ways or Tournament Matches on YouTube, Websites, and other apps.

There are many YouTubers conducting giveaways and offers to viewers through their sponsorship. Try to participate in them. If you are selected, you will get free Bucks and diamonds to buy.

Even we are going to conduct a free 600 diamonds giveaway on our website in July or August. Our site has very little competition and you can be the winner. Comment down your emails to participate.

Steps to get Wukong Character in Free Fire.

First of all, go to the code-shop from the link below.

Link: Coda Shop

Step-1): Open the website and enter your player id.

Step-2): Select 25 diamonds at the price of ₹ 20.

Step-3): Select the payment method and do the payment successfully.

Step-4): Now, Open the game and collect the diamonds on your in-game mail.

Step-5): Go to characters and select the Wukong character. Buy it for 25 diamonds.

That it’s. Now, you can play with the Wukong character.

If you have any queries related to the game, contact the author below.

Author : Praneeth Varma

Email :

Instagram – Praneeth Varma


 Contact me from the above email.

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