how to find out someone’s birthday with five simple steps

how to find out someone's birthday with five simple steps

Learn how to find out someone’s birthday. Have your forgotten again a date you shouldn’t or want to surprise a buddy or colleague with a happy birthday message. Whatever your reasons are, In this article, I’ll share with you different ways to find out anybody’s birthday. Leaving in the internet age, We are enlightened with so much information. And basic details of a person like date of birth can easily be found on the internet. The only thing you need is quick tricks and tips that I’ll share with you in this article.

Top 5 ways to find out someone’s birthday

1) Google Search

Google search for peoples birthday

Before we start our journey towards Jerusalem, We must look for the easiest method for finding someone’s birth date. Just search for the person’s name on the internet, You’ll be blown by the amount of information available on google. Basically, google works like a big directory of Public Records on the internet.

If you have signed up, commented, or posted something on a website. It will be available to others when they search for it. You can find many links to a particular person such as Linkedin, Here you can easily go through other links such as Portfolio, Resume, and other information. And eventually, find the birthday of the person you are looking for.

2) Facebook

facebook help to find someone's birthday date

This may not come as news to you. Because Facebook is the largest social media on this planet. Over two-billion people use Facebook on regular basis. The odds of you finding the person on Facebook is very high, And facebook let you explore someone’s profile and gain basic details like date of birth and other information. You just have to search for the person’s name in Facebook search, Also filter the search through location and other details for better accuracy.

In case you don’t find the date of birth on the profile page, You can look for their mutual friend profile. And look for a photo of them celebrating or congratulating the person you are looking to find the date of birth. Similar to their mutual friends, You can also look for their family friends’ profiles.

3) Indirect Conversation

Indirect conversation expose someone birthday

The art of getting information without the other person knowing is a very skillful one. I’ll share with you a couple of tricks you can use to know your friend’s Birthday. Ask them indirectly on which week their birthday falls this year. People tend to associate dates with luck. You can tell them you have read about some lucky dates and want to see if your birthday falls into one of them. This will surely lure them into telling you their birthday.

4) Reverse Phone Lookup

reverse phone lookup may help to find friend or someone's birthday

You can use free software that lets you look up information about phone numbers. Using these tools, You can find a lot of information about a person. Depending on the person’s internet usability, You can know their Email Address, Real Name, and even Date of Birth. If you do not find their birthday directly from reverse phone lookup. You can use other information like Real Name to do a background check. Or using their email you can look for their credit reporting act, and other information like consumer reporting agency.

5) Social Media Accounts

social media accounts helps to identify people's birthday

By this time, I’m sure you would have found out about the person’s birthday. But in case you don’t, Here is the else fails. Social media platforms are everywhere, You are not limited to just a few big websites. Now, We need to look more thoroughly. You need to search for social media sites + “Profession of the other person”. Different professionals use social media according to their needs. Like software developers uses Github, Lawyers uses, and Designer uses Dribble. You must search for specifics and I’m sure you’ll be able to find out the other person’s birthday.


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