How To Remove Discover Bar On Android: 2 Simple Ways

How To Remove Discover Bar On Android: 2 Simple Ways

Google is continuously doing a lot of work to enhance user experience, and Google Discover is one of the examples showing their approach. Google Discover is nothing but a page having different articles and trending news based on your search activity, interest, and web activity. While many people love Google Discover, some don’t like it much, and everyone has different reasons for not liking it. So if you are a person who doesn’t like Google Discover and searching for a How to remove the discover bar on Android, this blog is for you. Here we will discuss two simple ways to remove the discover bar on Android devices. So let’s get into it.

What is Google Discover, and how is it enabled?

Google discovers is nothing but a dedicated page offered by Google. This page is usually located on the left side of the home screen. In simple words, if you swipe right on the home screen, the Google Discover page will be opened. In more simple words, it is the last page from the left side. Google Discover display articles based on your internet activity & Google search, and some trending news. This page’s main objective is to keep you updated about trending news. You can also customize your Google Discover Feed.

First and the Universal method to remove the discover bar on Android.

If you want to disable Google discover, this method is best suited for every Android OS.So, you can follow these simple steps and remove Google Discover from the home screen layout.


Firstly, You can open the settings of your mobile phone and tap on Google.

Android settings option in mobile app

Tap on google App settings


Then, Tap on Settings for Google Apps.

Settings for google apps option - How To Remove Discover Bar On Android


Under this section, you have to tap on Search, Assistant, and Voice options.

Tap search assistant and voice options


As you follow the above process Settings section will be displayed. Tap on the General option.

General option


Find or Search Discover. Once you find Discover, Turn off the toggle by tapping on it.

Turn Off toggle for Google App/Discover - How To Remove Discover Bar On Android

This method will resolve your problem, and you will never ask How to remove the discover bar on Android for any of your devices. This method is applicable and effective on all Android devices.

OS-Based Method For How to remove discover bar on Android

As this is an OS-based method, it may differ from OS to OS, but the main concept is the same. You will see some changes in options and their sequence. Otherwise, for most OS, the method is the same.


First of all, Tap and hold on to the home screen. Once you tap and hold, you have to tap on the settings icon. These settings are called home screen settings. You can also reach Home Settings by simply opening Home Settings.

Home screen settings


Under Home Screen Settings, you have to find the -1 screen option or screen page options

Google discover -1 screen option

Here you have to choose none or Turn Off toggle for Google App/Discover.

Choose none

Most OS offer this setting, but if you are unable to follow this method, use the first universal method. So these two methods will definitely solve your problem of How to remove the discover bar on Android.


The above two methods are very easy and simple, and anyone can execute this solution after reading our blog. Google Discover allows you to follow the latest news and stories in just one swipe, and you don’t have to open the Google App again and again. However, many people still find it annoying, So here we have thoroughly discussed how to remove the discover bar on Android, and you don’t have to worry anymore about this.

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