How to empty trash on Android devices in easy ways?

How to empty trash on Android devices in easy way


Many android users are suffering from the problem of lack of space and are looking for an Android trash bin. With the many digital gadgets like MacBooks, laptops, etc., you get additional space for collecting all the trash, but on android devices, there are no such options.

The Android users have to take some different actions so that they can clear all their junk files on their respective smartphones. Of course, this article is all about how to delete your miscellaneous files and how to access trash on Android.

There are many easy and efficient ways you can able to free up your space on android smartphones.

To know everything about the topic, read all the details provided below.

Some Important Details About How To Empty Trash in Android Phones

Android Mobile Phone Logo

The most important thing that you should know is that do android devices have any trash/recycle bins?

The answer to this question is that no separate trash or recycling bin is available on Android devices. The reason for this thing is that smartphones have very little storage, which ranges from 8 gigabytes to 256 gigabytes. With this little storage, Android phones are not left with that much capacity that they can hold your trash material separately from everywhere. Though in some applications like gallery/album, Android devices provide you with a separate trash bin where it stores your deleted material for a particular duration of time.

How can one permit trash on smartphones?

Since in android devices you don’t get any separate to recycle bin just like your laptops. So for clearing anything, you need to go separately to that application where you want to delete something and delete all the unwanted data and free up your space.

Some applications that give you access to trash on Android are:

#1 Gmail

When you delete something on Gmail, it doesn’t get deleted automatically; instead, it is moved to the trash folder, where it gets stored for the next 30 days. So if you want to delete it completely, you need to delete it from there also.

Follow the following steps to clear emails from the trash.

Open the Gmail App on Android Device

Step-1: First of all, you can open the Android Gmail App.

Android App Hamburg Icon

Step-2: Then, you can click on the hamburger icon that belongs to the top left corner of your Gmail application.

Trash option in gmail app

Step-3: You will get a list of various categories over there and choose ‘trash’ among them.

List of available Trash Emails

Step-4: You can delete the email which you don’t want anymore and can free up your space.

Empty Trash option in Gmail App

Step-5: You can also clear all the emails in just one click by selecting them all and clicking on the ” empty trash now.”

Empty Confirmation Popup Dialogue Box

Step-6: It will ask the confirmation again. Please note that once you delete, you cannot retrieve those deleted emails in Gmail again. If you wish to continue removing all google emails once, you can click the “Empty” button.

Trash Empty Icon

Step-7: That’s it. Now, You have nothing in the Gmail Trash. That means all emails are cleared as well as free up your space.

#2 Google photos

Google photos is another application that also provides you with a trash bin, and here also all the deleted files get stored for a particular period. If you’d like to remove all the trash photos and videos completely from your android device, you need to remove them separately from your google photos trash bin.

Follow the following steps to clear google photos from the trash.

Google Photo Icon for Android Phone

Step-1: Firstly you need to download the google photos application on your device, or if it’s already there, you can open the google photos app.

Google Photos Library option

Step-2: Then, click the “Library” option that belongs to the bottom right corner of the app.

Trash Icon button in Google Photos

Android Access Permission Allow Deny Buttons

Step-3: You will see the “Trash” button option on the top right-hand side and click on it.

Step-4: You will see all your deleted files once you tap on the trash option.

List of selected photos to delete from trash folder

Step-5: Here, you can select the unnecessary files, photos, or videos that you want to delete.

Delete option in Trash folder

Step-6: Next, you can click the “Delete” option that belongs to the bottom left side.

Select All option in Google photos Trash folder

Step-7: On the other hand, You can also delete all the photos and videos at once by selecting them all.

Step-8: All you need is to click the small three-dot icon on the top right-hand side of the screen.

Empty Trash option

Step-9: Then, you can click the “Empty Trash” button.

Photo deletion confirmation dialogue box for google photos

Step-10: After it asks for any confirmation there, you can click the “Allow” option.

That’s it. All of your trash folder google photos and videos were successfully deleted, and you have saved some internal space. That means this process also helps to reduce bigger spaces or empty trash on android smart devices.

#3 Download Recycle bin app

There are many applications to delete unwanted files. Of course, You can freely download this kind of android application from different websites. One of the useful applications which you can go with is the “Recycle bin” application. This is a very good application for all android users. Visit the link and download the “Recycle bin” android application here.

Go through these steps to access the Android trash folder.

Recycle bin android app from playstore

Recycle Bin ap open button

Step-1: First of all, you can download once this application from the play store and then install this application from your corresponding smartphone.

Accept terms and conitions button

Step-2: Then, open and accept all the terms and conditions to start using this application.

Recycle Bin Info Accept Link

Step-3: Next, it will be asking for access permission. You can click the “Allow” option.

Step-4: Next, it will ask for the “Memory Management” permission. Click on the “Accept” button.

Recycle Bin Apps Permission Page

Step-5: From this “All files access” screen, Tap the “Recycle Bin” option.

All file access page

Tap on Allow Access in Recycle Bin app for android device

Step-6: Next, tap the “Allow access to manage all files” button. Once it is turned on, it will indicate the green colour.

Back to the App.

Step-7: Once you can permit the local file system or the connected SD card, you can visit any option to examine the storage.

Step-8: You will find all the deleted content here; to delete them completely, you can delete that from here.

#4 Whatsapp

Notably, the smartphone is nothing without using the WhatsApp application. Obviously, it’s the habit of all people for used WhatsApp messages and spends a lot of time here. On the other hand, while using this app, many peoples sharing their videos and pictures with you. So, the problem is more space is consumed because of using WhatsApp with your android mobile. In order to avoid this issue, there is only two option. The first option is to remove the unwanted WhatsApp data’s and the other one is you can upgrade your storage space.

Steps To Empty Trash on WhatsApp for Android Device

If you want to remove unnecessary WhatsApp consumed storage, then follow the below steps:-

Whatsapp Android Icon

Step-1: Firstly, open your Whatsapp application for your android phone.

Whatsapp Three Dot Icon

Step-2: Then, you can click the three-dot icon that appeared in the top right corner.

Whatsapp Settings Option

Step-3: Next, tap on the “Settings” option.

Storage and Data option

Step-4: Then, you can tap on the “Storage and data” option.

Manage Storage Option in Android Whatsapp

Step-5: From this “Storage and data” page, click the “Manage storage” option.

(Note:- Manage storage option is not available for your phone, then you can click on the “Storage Usage” option. )

Storage consume data's and contact list

Step-6: It will show the list of your WhatsApp contacts and groups and show the used space per contact or group. So you can check here which person conversation has taken for high storage. Here is how much space each WhatsApp communicator (your WhatsApp friend) took up individually. The first name to show those who take up too much space.

Whatsapp Contact Icon

Step-7: If you want to delete and free up space, then you can just tap which person contact data you want to delete.

List of Media Files for particular contact or whatsapp group

Image Individual Selection

Step-8: Then, you can select the images, videos, or others you want to remove.

Media Remove Icon

Step-9: Once you have done, click on the “Remove” icon that appears on the top right side.

Whatsapp Media Delete Confirmation Dialogue Box

Step-10: It will ask for confirmation again. So you can read the confirmation prompt and click the “DELETE” option here.

Select All Media Option

Step-11: On the other hand, if you need to delete all media files, click the “Select all” tick box here.

Step-12: Once you selected all files, click the “Remove” icon.

Whatsapp Media Delete Confirmation Dialogue Box

Step-13: In the same manner, the delete confirmation prompt will appear here. Click the “DELETE” option.

Step-14: That’s it. Likewise, you can follow the steps for others if you want to remove unwanted WhatsApp large files and data.

Practice to Store Files in SD Card

SD Card 64Gb Image

Storage management is an important factor when using smartphones. Because we don’t care about storage, we will face many issues like application stuck, mobile overheat, slow performance, restart the phone without any prior notification, etc. So it’s better to save the data for an SD card instead of using internal storage. You can store memory cards for camera images, high-quality videos, personal documents, new movies, favourite mp3 songs and others. So using this way then you can avoid internal storage issues. Also, when you move important files to secondary storage, it’s easy to find out what junk files are available for your internal memory and empty trash on your Android mobile without getting any trouble.

Different methods to remove junk files from android devices to free up space.

The only reason to find trash files and folders on Android devices is to get free space. Read the methods written below to free up space.

Clear Cached data

This is the best way to make more space in your devices as this application consists of intermediate data stored by applications for a faster and more bespoke experience.

You can also clear all the material with just one go by clicking on clearing all data and confirming it.

Steps to clear cached data:-

Settings Icon in Android Mobile

Step-1: Firstly, you can go to the Android phone “settings” option.

Android Storage Option

Step-2: Scroll down &click the ‘Storage’ option here.

Android Settings Apps Page

Step-3: Here, you can tap the “Apps” option.

List of installed Android Applications

Step-4: After that, it will show the list of available applications for your android device.

Parallem App and their file consume size

Step-5: Next, Tap the application you want to delete from their cached data.

Clear Cache Option

Step-6: At Finally, you can click the “Clear cache” option.

You should delete downloaded files.

Delete unwanted files in download folder

You can go to the file manager and see the downloaded history and delete the files you no longer require. Many of us download many things from different websites and forget to delete them, which in the future fill up all the space. So can free up your space by deleting that.

Delete all the unnecessary stuff from the gallery

Remove the unwanted photos and videos

Most of the time, we click photos from our mobile camera, and people also send stuff on various applications like WhatsApp, and thus, such things fill lots of your storage. To avoid this and free up your storage and empty trash on your Android cellphone, you need to delete all the unwanted stuff. In other words, when you delete media files, you can get unlimited storage for your mobile. 

Delete all the least used apps

You should delete all the unwanted applications which you rarely use. You can download it again when needed, but you should delete the least using applications to free up space.

Steps to uninstall the unnecessary app:

Method-1:(Easy One)

Tap the Facebook App

Step-1: Tap the third-party app you want to uninstall.

Uninstall Option

Step-2: You can click the “Uninstall” option.


Settings Icon

Step-1: First of all, tap on the “Settings” icon.

Android App Management

Step-2: Next, you can scroll down and click the “App management” option.

Step-3: Tap the “App list” option.

Step-4: It will show the list of installed applications for your mobile phone. For next, you can scroll down to find or search the application you want to uninstall here.

open uninstalled app i choose facebook app

Step-5: Then, tap to the appropriate application.

Tap Uninstall button and tap Ok and proceed the cofirmation dialogue box

Step-6: From this App info page, click the “Uninstall” option.

Step-7: Click the “ok” option for the confirmation popup. That’s it.


In the final analysis, the above methods are the best and the coolest way to clean your trash effectively on your Android devices/tablets. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and understood how to empty trash on Android devices. See you for the next interesting articles. stay tuned 🙂


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