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How To Add Yourself Back To A Group Chat [With Images]

Group chats are a bunch of accounts or users, chatting in the same channel (groups). Every now and then, tech companies tried to make group chats with vivid features and systems.

However, the control of the groups, is in the hands of admin, casually friends. If someone has removed you from the group, or you left accidentally, then you should know How To Add Yourself Back To A Group Chat.

So, let’s start with WhatsApp Group Chat.

How To Add Yourself Back To A Group Chat in WhatsApp?

In WhatsApp, you can send the invitation link, to someone so they can join the group. By doing this, if any day, some other admin removed you from the group, you can rejoin it and surprise them.

Let’s see how it work, by step by step guide –

Step-1: If you’re the admin of that WhatsApp group, you will see this option Invite via link’ just click on the profile picture of the group and scroll down.

Click on WhatsApp invitation link to add yourself back to the group chat

Step-2: After tapping the Invite Via Link option, just select copy the link or you can directly share it to any alternate number, by clicking on Send link via WhatsApp if you’ve two WhatsApp numbers. Or you can just save the link anywhere on your mobile.

Step 2: Click on send via WhatsApp

Step-3: Now, just send it to yourself, like I did (See in the image). If you’ve doubted, that your friends will remove you or you want to add yourself back to the group, you can click on the link to add yourself to the group chat.

Step 3: use this link to add yourself back to a group chat.

Step-4: Now click on the link and select Join Group and now you can see, what happened next. You can add yourself back to a group chat, without anybody’s permission.

Click join the group, to rejoin yourself

In this image, you can see how I added myself back to a group chat in whatsapp


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How To Re-join Instagram Group Chat?

This is for another alternative method, it worked for me maybe it can also work for you.

Here is the step-by-step guide.

How to Add Yourself Back To Instagram Group Chat

#1. Find a good Instagram post.

Instagram Post

#2. Tap on the Share icon.

Instagram post share icon

#3. Share it to the group, you want to add yourself back.

#4. That’s it! You should be added yourself to the group chat.

Sharing the selected post on Instagram Group and Add yourself to the group

This method may work or not for you, but it’s an easy method to try out.

Another method is to ask someone from the group to add you. Or you need to have your secondary account in the same group to add yourself to a group chat.

On iMessage: How To Add Yourself Back 

Your friends pranked you, or just removed you. Then, you can do this thing now, to avoid such scenarios in the future. Or if you’ve done this earlier by mistake, you can use it to add yourself back.

How to Add Yourself Back to Group Chat in iMessage

#1. Go to iMessage, and then in the group chat, you want to be in.

Imessages in Group Chat

#2. Turn on the Aeroplane Mode, send a message.

Tap or Turn on the airplane mode for your iphone/ipad

#3. It won’t deliver the message, because the internet is off, that’s what you want.

iMessages Not Delivered Issue

#4. If somebody, removed you, just resend that message.

#5. When you resend the message, Voila you will be back in the group chat.

If this method doesn’t work, then return to the basics. Just ask someone to add you.

What To Do If You Are Removed From A Group Chat?

But what will you do if you aren’t a WhatsApp group admin, don’t send any unsend message on that specific group to resend. Or don’t have any secondary Instagram account, in that group.

In that Gr̥oup Chat, you should ask someone to let you in. And then for security reasons, you can use these methods mentioned on this website, to add yourself back to a group chat.

That’s the only way out, otherwise, you need to work on an expert level. You should learn Hacking and Coding, by the way, we have many ethical hacking methods on our website, lol.

I hope you find this website helpful, comment down if you’ve any queries or feedback, we love to interact!

Pratham Sawlani
Pratham Sawlani
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