Instagram Account Deletion

How to delete Instagram account permanently/ temporarily

How to delete Instagram account permanently/ temporarily



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To Learn How to delete Instagram account permanently

We may accidentally create Instagram account while logging in or adding the secondary accounts. Sometimes, when we click some suspicious links or other in site links will get hacked and the following count will be increased automatically. Also, when we use third party apps to increase our followers by following and liking the other people on those apps, will sometimes leads to the same type of hacking. The app owners will get access to our accounts and follow their clients who paid bucks to them. That’s what happens when you try to get followers in an quick way. The real content will always get the popularity but it may take time. Sharing with all your friends and circle is really better.

So, coming to the point we have two options like deactivating the Instagram account and deleting the Instagram permanently.

Deactivating is nothing but the temporary inactivity where your account will be no more visible to anyone until you wish to reactivate it.

Deactivating Instagram account temporarily.

You can reactivate the account anything through either Instagram app or browser. The media, your following, followers won’t be visible to anyone until you reactivate it again.

Step-1) : Open your Instagram account in mobile browser or from your pc.

Note : You cannot deactivate your Instagram account on your Android app. And better use desktop view on mobile browser for better experience.

Step-2) : Now, after logging in to your account, click on your display picture and then open your profile.

Step-3) : Click on edit profile and here we go with final tab temporarily disable my account at the bottom right corner.

Note : Go directly to the temporary deactivation page through this link.

Step-4) : Now, you have to select a reason that why you are disabling the account. This reason is required to be selected.

Step-3) : After the selection of the reason, enter your password again to confirm that it’s you.

Note : This reason is just for survey purpose. If you can’t find the correct reason in the list, go ahead with the relative one. There will be no problem with it. 

Deleting Instagram Account Permanently.

Before you go with this step, you have download all the data in your Instagram account. Because, you will be longer having access to it once if you delete Instagram account permanently.

To download the data, follow the below:

Step-1) : Open your Instagram app or browser and go to your profile.

Step-2) : Click on the three lines on the top and then, you can see the Setting option separately at the bottom left side.

Step-3) : Now, select Account and then you check the data in Access Data tab and if you want download the data, click on Download Data which is beneath to Access data option.

To Remove Instagram account Foreever.

After downloading the data, you can proceed to delete the account. You can’t delete the account on your app so, you have to use browser or your pc for this.

Step-1) : You have to log in to your Instagram account and then go to this link and you have to select reason for deletion here too.

Step-2) : After selecting the reason, enter your password and then you will get the option.

Step-3) : Finally, Click on Permanently Delete my account.

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