What is the best time to post on Instagram?

What is the best time to post on Instagram

You take social media seriously that’s why you are looking for the best time to post on Instagram. Many people just post whenever they wish so, And think why certain of their posts have higher engagement rates than others. You, my friend, have already know the secrets of engagement and posting time correlation. In this article, We’ll find the best answers for which time is more convenient to post on Instagram.

1) Post Scheduling

Instagram Post scheduling

Life is unquestionably not still, And missing a few tasks on your todo list is just a new era. Maybe your dogs need a Vet, Or your car is making funny noises, You are bound to miss schedules. But with a curse, You also have the blessing of technology. You can use tools like Buffer, To schedule your each and every social media post well in advance. In fact, Many small businesses, Already Schedule their monthly or weekly social media posts in advance. So that they do not forget to post on a certain time or date. You can also create your own posting schedule calendar for Instagram.

2) Understanding the Time Zones

Understanding the time zone users for instagram

Now, That we know how can we post our Instagram content with tools like Buffer. Hereafter, our next goal is to identify the suitable moment to post on Instagram. Of course, We live in a world of different countries and they followed for different time zones. So, Depending on your current location the time of average Instagram user’s high engagement can differ from mine. But I can give you a rough estimate and some common sense when posting on social media.

There are over 24 Time Zones in the world, I can’t analyze all of them. But I can name a few of them that are widely used in the English language media. Pacific Time, Central Time, Indian Time, Eastern Time, Greenwich Mean Time, Coordinated Universal Time. If you are from any of those time zones, This method will work immensely for you. Unless you are from Antarctica, In which case, Time doesn’t affect you, Only penguins do.

3) Understanding different Instagram Features

Understand the various Instagram new features and Technologies

If you would have asked me a few years ago, About the best time to post on Instagram. My obvious thought would be about Posting images on Instagram. But now, Instagram is an ecosystem of its own. They have Reels, sprout social, Videos, IG TV, IG live, and a few features on the road. If you want your customer to engage with your social media post that you have curated with hours of hard work.

You need to plan the best time to post individual Instagram feature content. For example, In the evening IG video, On Morning Reels. Because you need to constantly push your content, So whenever a person visits Instagram they encounter one form of your Instagram post. Engagement on Instagram is key to the organic growth of your page, So rather than just picking a time, You need to plan the time.

4) Understanding your Instagram page

Proper understand for Insta Page

Before, I share with you the best time to post on Instagram. First up all, we need to thoroughly understand your Instagram page. Is your page a profit organization or an NGO? What do your Instagram insights say? and most importantly understanding the Instagram algorithm. Social media works in a very funny way, If you are posting on daily basis, It will help you grow, And if you are not posting enough it will burry your page. Ask the following questions and rate your page on a scale of 1 – 10.

  • Does my page bring me the commercial value?
  • Does my engagement rate meet my follower’s number?
  • Does my quality of content compete with my competition?
  • Does my page provide value to my audience?

Answer these questions on a thoughtful basis. And It will help you to reflect back on the type of content you are posting. Because, Your content is one and only matter. In other words, if your posted content is not good enough or not getting impress on peoples mind, The timing of posting won’t matter much.

So, What is the Best Time To Post on Instagram?

Best time to post on Instagram Page

  • Instagram Reels: (7 PM – 9 PM) on Saturday, Wednesday
  • Instagram Post: (11 AM – 2 PM)
  • Instagram Video: (10 AM – 4 PM)
  • Instagram Live: (6 PM – 9 PM)
  • Instagram TV: (5 PM – 8 PM)

This is some rough estimate, And in no way rigged to all pages. Your time can be different, But if you don’t have any idea. You can start with the following, And gradually makes changes to see what’s work best for you. As mentioned earlier, You can use tools like sprout social; and Buffer to schedule your posts.


Instagram is an ever-evolving ecosystem, And strategies and tips for the following changes accordingly. But there is some common sense, That does not change. Like when not to post.

Worst Time To Post on Instagram

  • Late Night
  • Middle of Work Week
  • Early Morning

I have not specified timing for the worst time to post. Because; Different regions have a climate that might make a day longer or shorter. That’s all. If you use the following you will know the best time to post on Instagram.

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