Ways To Find Spotify Wrapped 2020 Quickly | Top songs

Find Spotify Wrapped 2020 Quickly
How to find Wrapped 2020 in Spotify

What is Spotify Wrapped?

As the year coming to an end, all the Spotify users will get their own wrapped 2020 based on their listened music. So, they can find the most listened rapper/singer and they can find the top % of the specific musician.

It will be based on the songs which you’ve listened since last 12 months. You will also get the wrapped 2020 even though if you don’t have subscription and You just have to login to check it out.

How to Find Spotify Wrapped 2020?

Spotify Wrapped 2020 List

Identically, Spotify you can able to find it anywhere like in the Android, iOS app, or Spotify.com from Chrome or your pc. You have to follow up with a link to get there.

Step-1: Go to the Link 2020.byspotify.com/.

Step-2: Then, log in to your Spotify account which you have used since last 12 months.

Step-3: If you have the app, where you will be already logged in, you can find the Wrapped 2020 in highlighted text.

Step-4: If you are using pc or mobile browser, log in and click on the wrapped 2020 to check that.

Step-5: It will almost look like an Instagram story. Most of the celebrities upload this as their story praising their favorite musicians and rappers.

These type of things will definitely makes the listeners interesting as they will be getting all the track of the songs that they have listened last 12 months.

Fix Wrapped 2020 Spotify Error in simple method.

Many users reported that this isn’t working and that they are unable log in to it. So, here are few steps to resolve it.


Step-1: First of all, uninstall your Spotify app if you are using it.

Step-2: Now, open Google Chrome and open Spotify.com.

Step-3: Log in to your account and check for the wrapped 2020 tab.

Step-4: If you are unable to find it, go to the link 2020.byspotify.com. Better open this in another in the same chrome browser.


If you are still unable to open that, then just open your Gmail and check for the email about Wrapped 2020 from Spotify. It wouldn’t be in the top. So, just search in the top dialogue box as “Wrapped 2020”.

You can find it, if you received the mail.

It contains a link which directly redirects you to your wrapped 2020 without hesitation.

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Author : Praneeth Varma.

Email : Anonymousvarma@gmail.com


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