How to Turn off flash notifications on iPhone

Turn off flash notifications on iPhone

Sometimes, flash notifications will irritate us by switching on automatically when someone calls or receives messages. A vibration is actually enough for them. While sleeping, these may irritate more by flashing up. So, here I am going to show the steps to turn this off.

How to Turn off flash notifications on iPhone

Step 1) : Take your iPhone and open Settings quickly.

Step 2) : Go to Accessibility settings which are almost at the end of the settings with blue icon.

Step 3) : In Hearing category, there will be an option Audio/ Visual. ( In iOS 12, the same option is titled as LED Flash for Alerts.

Step 4) : At last, you can see two options namely LED Flash for Alerts and Flash on Silent. Turn both of them off.

The second option flashes when the device is in silent and gets a notification or call.

In this way, you can turn off flash notifications on iPhone.

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro sometimes getting hanged for no reason. Then, the device is taking long time to respond. At that time, to restart or power off the device, you have follow the below steps. Also, I mentioned the second method if the first method doesn’t work.

How to turn off flashlight on IPhone immediately

Step 1) : Turn on your flashlight on your iOS device for your required usage.

Step 2) : After the screen turns off, or you just lock it manually.

Step 3) : Now, turn it on again and just swipe the screen left and right immediately.

Step 4) : Then, immediately the flashlight turns off.

In this way, you can do turn off flashlight on iPhone.

When you swipe it to left, it opens the camera. So, the flashlight turns off immediately. Actually, you shouldn’t open the camera, but just giving the jerk type thing. So that the flashlight will go off real quick.

How to switch off iPhone 12 Immediately

Method 1) :

Step 1) : Pick your device and press the side button simultaneously with volume up button or volume down button.

Step 2) : If your screen shows slide to power off option at the bottom of the screen, then pull to the right side to turn off your device. Or else, if you don’t get any response, go ahead with the method 2 below.

Method 2) :

Step 1) : Take your device and open settings and then general option.

Step 2) : Scroll totally bottom of the list and there, you can find the option Shut Down. Click on it and you will get the Slide to Power Off. Confirm it by sliding to the right.

How to turn off app notifications on iOS.

Various apps send notifications irrespectively as the mobile data is being on all the time these days. So, we can opt the notifications to be turned off for specific apps which are irritatingly sending notifications.

Step 1) : Open the settings in your device and then go to notifications.

Step 2) : Select the app from which you don’t want notifications or just need limited notifications.

Step 3) : Now, just switch the option from “ Allow Notifications “ to “OFF”. Then, you will getting no notifications from that specific app.

Mostly, when you open suspicious links and select allow for the notifications on your browsers like chrome. So, you better have to clear the data of the chrome. Then, you won’t be getting them anymore.

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